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When you need help with your boiler or furnace in Springfield, OH, call us at Jennings. We’ll get to you fast, then get you the heating help you need right away. We won’t leave until you and your family are warm again!

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Treat Customers Like Family

All of our staff is trained to treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated in return. When you’re a Jennings customer, you’re like family to us. We put your needs first!

Warehouse on Wheels

The most commonly needed parts are stored on our trucks to reduce wait time and ensure timely repairs and installations.

NATE Certified Techs

When a Jennings technician enters your home, you can be sure you’re getting the best comprehensive service from a friendly, honest and knowledgable employee.

    Treat Customers Like Family

    All of our staff is trained to treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated in return. When you’re a Jennings customer, you’re like family to us. We put your needs first!

    Warehouse on Wheels

    The most commonly needed parts are stored on our trucks to reduce wait time and ensure timely repairs and installations.

    NATE Certified Techs

    When a Jennings technician enters your home, you can be sure you’re getting the best comprehensive service from a friendly, honest and knowledgable employee.

Springfield Heating Repairs

When the warmth of summer is replaced by the first drizzly morning and you wake up to the smell of rain, your cold toes may thank you for turning on the heater as soon as you get out of bed. However, nothing can put a damper on a rainy day like a boiler or furnace that won’t turn on or that doesn’t seem to heat the home effectively. We hope this never happens to you, but if it does, Jennings is on call for heating repairs in the Springfield area.

We love heating homes and this is exactly what we have been doing since 1931. While coal was the resource of choice back then, today furnaces are used in most homes, while some rely on boilers. Both are an extremely reliable way to heat your house, and there is a type of system for virtually every situation.


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Our Springfield Services

Explore a complete range of HVAC and electrical services in Springfield, OH, and the nearby regions, including:

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Common Springfield Heating Repairs

Heating repairs can range in severity from a slight inefficiency during operation to complete failure. Your furnace or boiler may still turn on, but if no air is coming out of the vents or if it isn’t warm enough, it can still be a major inconvenience.

If your heater is squealing during operation, it may be because of wear and tear on the blower belt. This is usually a quick and affordable repair, but you shouldn’t put it off since a slipped belt can cause other problems in your system. If your home never seems to be comfortable despite a fully operational heating system, there may be problems with your thermostat instead.

Other issues can be more urgent and more expensive. When there are loud sounds such as grinding, rattling, or scraping, we recommend turning off the system right away and giving us a call. You can often avoid greater damage by acting quickly. If your system stops working altogether or you notice that your pilot light is yellow instead of blue, call our 24/7 emergency services. A yellow pilot light is a sign that there is carbon monoxide present which can be dangerous for you and your family.

Many of these problems can occur due to a lack of maintaining the system, so we always recommend taking the time to get a tune-up on your schedule. We try to make maintenance affordable by offering our $16 per month Rewards Club. You will get free maintenance and discounts as well as hundreds of dollars worth of other benefits. Check out our Rewards Club page for more information.

Springfield Emergency Heating Repairs

Are you worried about the safety of your system? Has your furnace or boiler failed in the middle of the night? We have a solution. We are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and we are always happy to consult with you to figure out if emergency services are necessary for you. We know that your heater is not going to wait for a convenient time to stop working, so you shouldn’t have to wait for repair services. Even if you think the problem is not urgent, we still recommend giving us a call. We will either set your mind at ease and schedule an appointment for the next business day or head over to your home right away. If you are a part of our Rewards Club, you can take advantage of our reduced service fee for emergency services.

Springfield Heating Installation

If you live in Springfield, OH, there is a strong chance that you are fond of the snow, or at least reconciled to a long and cold winter. With a yearly average of 54 inches of snow, Springfield residents are no strangers to waking up to a world that has turned white and a thermometer that has dropped to freezing temperatures. The key to staying warm in a cold climate is having a furnace or boiler that you can count on every day to turn on when it gets cold and provide steady heat throughout the day. At Jennings, we know what it takes to heat local homes, and we provide the very best installation services to ensure that our customers are always cozy.

Knowing When to Replace Your System

Most people are seeking installation services because their current heater has become old and worn out. But how do you know when it is time to replace your heater? We have put together the following list of reasons to replace your heater that may help you make this decision.

  • Your System is Expensive to Fix- If your heater is going to cost many hundreds of dollars to repair, it may not be worth fixing. Generally, we go by the 50% rule. If the repair is 50% or more of the cost of replacing the system, you should opt for a replacement.
  • Your Heater is No Longer Safe- Some problems can be a hazard for your family. If your heater has a gas leak or is leaking carbon monoxide and the problem cannot be easily or reliably fixed, you will want to purchase a new one that can provide safe heat.
  • Your Heater Needs Frequent Repairs- Do you feel like you are having to call every month to have your heater repaired? Having a heater that is ready to break down at every moment can be stressful and a drain on your savings. You can end the cycle of endless repairs by installing a new system.
  • Your Heater is Inefficient- If your furnace or boiler is not evenly heating the home or is running continuously and causing your energy bills to skyrocket, replacing your heater can make a big difference. We install systems with up to a 98.5% AFUE efficiency rating that will have an immediate positive effect on your monthly finances.
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Springfield Heating Options at Jennings

Whether you want an extremely efficient system that will save you money, or a quiet system that doesn’t add noise pollution to your home, we have the heater for you. Choose from our Platinum, Gold, or Bronze comfort systems, or consult one of our knowledgeable and friendly technicians for individualized services. We have spent more than 90 years heating homes in the Springfield area, and we can expertly match your home to the right system. You should never have to settle for a company that charges you too much for a system that is not well-suited to your situation.

Our Heater Installation Process

When the day of your installation arrives, you can expect to see your technicians pull into your driveway right on time. We respect your time by never being late or unexpectedly canceling your appointment. We come fully prepared with your new system and all of the tools necessary to both install it and check it for optimal performance.

We will remove your old system, properly dispose of it, and prepare the area by cleaning it and making sure the electrical and gas connections are safe, secure, and compatible. Jennings is known for quality installations that are performed quickly for minimal disruption.

Before we leave, we make sure your system is working perfectly and we leave you with all of the information you need to operate the system, control the thermostat, and properly care for your new furnace or boiler. You will pay exactly what you were quoted on the original estimate, without hidden or surprise fees.

After the installation, we recommend signing up for our Rewards Club. For $16-$26 per month, you can guarantee that your system will continue to run with the same efficiency as the day it was installed and you will get discounts on any repairs that may be needed.

We know that having a warm and comfortable home is important for your health and the enjoyment of your home every winter. With our furnace and boiler packages and reliable installations, you can depend on always having the protection you need against the cold. Call us today for additional information about our heating repairs.

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Springfield Heating Maintenance

When looking for ways to take care of your heater , start with preventative maintenance services at Jennings Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric. This is an easy step that you can take, but it will provide lasting benefits. Continue reading for more information about this vital service.

Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Maintenance

If your heater has started making loud noises or has stopped working altogether, you will need repair services. However, if your heater is working fine but you want to ensure that it continues to do so, preventative maintenance services are probably exactly what you are looking for.

These are the services that we perform for Springfield customers every year, generally before the winter, so that their heating systems are clean, inspected, and ready for the cold.

The more that you invest in preventative maintenance, the longer your system is likely to last. The lifespan of your furnace or boiler is never guaranteed, but when properly maintained, you can expect it to keep running for 20 years or more.

Even if your system has a long lifespan, it can become an annoyance if it is causing your bills to skyrocket or if it needs to be repaired every few weeks. Maintenance can also cut down on energy costs and make repairs much more of a rarity. This is well worth the investment as maintenance is cheaper than most repairs.

Preventative maintenance can also help our technicians to get to know your system so that when you do have a problem it will be a quick and easy process to find out what is wrong and get it fixed. As we perform maintenance, we will keep you informed about upcoming repairs and how much longer your system can be expected to last. This way, you can always be prepared for repairs and you can begin saving for a replacement so that it is not such a surprise expense.

Why is a Tune-Up Important?

By the time winter begins, spring cleaning is already many months behind you. However, nothing is more beneficial for your system than giving it the same attention you would for other items in your home. Unlike spring cleaning, this deep cleaning should usually be performed in the fall just before you have to turn your heater on for the season. Cleaning your system removes dirt and other types of buildup from key components of your system so that it can operate more effectively. Grime on the heat exchanger, for example, may prevent the efficient transfer of heat, making your home more difficult to warm and causing heating costs to rise.

Inside your system, the blower motor, flame sensor, gas control valve, and more are all working together to heat the home. When the fan belt becomes frayed, the blower motor has lost some of its lubrication, or the gas valve becomes stuck, the system will either stop working altogether or will become much less efficient. Damaged components in one area of the heating unit can also lead to further damage throughout the rest of the system.

One of the best ways to prevent all of these things from occurring is to invest in regular cleaning and inspection of your system. We will take care of both during your routine tune-up, making it easy to get everything done in one convenient appointment.

What is Included?

Our tune-ups are designed to be the most thorough services in the Springfield area so that our customers can enjoy peace of mind all season. Here are some of the many services that we may perform during your tune-up appointment:

  • Filter Change: Having a clean filter is important, and while it should be changed much more often than once per year, we always make sure to take care of this service now.
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection and Cleaning: Having a clean heat exchanger is essential for the proper function of the system. We will also inspect this crucial component for any cracks or other defects which can affect the safety and function of the system
  • Electrical Inspection: A bad electrical connection can be dangerous and may cause problems with the furnace or boiler. We check electrical connections, wiring, safety switches, thermostat, and more to make sure each is in perfect condition.
  • Inside and Out Cleaning: We vacuum, scrub, dust, and declutter your system inside and out. This is a detailed cleaning that encompasses everything from your burner to your flue to ensure that they can work properly without obstruction.
  • Adjustments: There are certain adjustments that we can perform to make your heating heat better and be more efficient. We adjust the burner, gas pressure, and thermostat, and replace any components that are worn out.

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