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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals include both electrical and plumbing components that work in tandem to dispose of your household’s food waste. With that in mind, garbage disposal problems can come from multiple different fronts. A blown circuit can take your disposal out, and a dull blade can cause clogs or backups due to improperly processed waste.

The two most common problems with garbage disposals are:

  • A dead motor. Time will work its magic on every motor, so contact Jennings when it’s time to replace it.
  • Dull blades. Oftentimes, dulling blades won’t be able to process food waste. When debris lodges in the disposal, the unit sounds like it’s trying to process waste while the blades aren’t operating. Above all else, do not place your hand into the disposal in an attempt to dislodge debris.

As is the theme around here: maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Garbage disposals will operate at their best when they are maintained, and we recommend having your unit inspected at least once a year.


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