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As Jennings Plumbing Contractors, we take pride in providing courteous and professional services to address all the Ohio plumbing needs. Our years of experience in delivering reliable home services make us the most trusted name in town.

Homes are a place of security and comfort, but battling plumbing problems can make home a place of stress and anxiety. Your home’s plumbing should quietly operate in the background, and at Jennings, our number one goal is to restore that balance and allow you and your family to get back to what’s most important: life. Below is an overview of the plumbing services we provide.

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In the plumbing arena, Do it Yourself (DIY) projects are likely to create more costs than saving money and time. It might cost additional repairs because of the possibility of damaging the right parts. Hire our expert plumbers to cut down costs and prevent potential water wastage. Don’t miss out on our company’s discounts and offers when you need the assistance of our team of plumbers.

When in need of emergency plumbing services in Akron, Hudson, N. Canton, Kent and nearby cities, don’t go for a toolbox. Instead, give our local office a call to book an appointment. No work is too big or too small for us PLUS with over 1000 parts on our trucks, your comfort is never put on hold.


Water Heaters

In Ohio, having convenient access to hot water is a necessity. We all know that a Midwestern winter doesn’t always bode well for a cold shower. Jennings provides water heater installations, repairs, and diagnostics. We can set it up, fix it up, and pinpoint problems as they arise.


Drain Services

On any given day we don’t usually give a lot of thought to our home’s plumbing. Ideally, it silently functions in the background. When it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, it becomes a major problem. Jennings provides drain-cleaning services for small-diameter pipes and floor drains.


Interior Gas Lines

Jennings’ technicians are qualified to install, repair, and diagnose problems with your home’s interior gas lines.

Gas lines often supply fuel for fireplaces or stovetops, but natural gas is also commonly used to provide for heating and cooling functions within the home. Natural gas is particularly convenient because it operates when electricity fails, and it is usually less expensive.


Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals include both electrical and plumbing components that work in tandem to dispose of your household’s food waste. With that in mind, garbage disposal problems can come from multiple different fronts. A blown circuit can take your disposal out, and a dull blade can cause clogs or backups due to improperly processed waste.


Sump Pumps

If your home sits on land prone to flooding, a sump pump will make sure your basement stays dry. Sump pumps generally direct excess water to municipal storm drains.


Sewage Pumps

Sewage ejector pumps may serve a less charming purpose, but they’re equally important. If your home has sewage sites below the sewage lines, a sewage ejector pump will ensure solid and liquid waste is pumped up and out.



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Your heating and cooling systems have many components that work together to create a perfectly balanced environment in your home. Replacing your AC along with your furnace ensures optimal efficiency and comfort, so consider replacing both at the same time to save on energy and money in the long run.