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Interior Gas Lines

Jennings’ technicians are qualified to install, repair, and diagnose problems with your home’s interior gas lines.

Gas lines often supply fuel for fireplaces or stovetops, but natural gas is also commonly used to provide for heating and cooling functions within the home. Natural gas is particularly convenient because it operates when electricity fails, and it is usually less expensive.

The two tell-tale signs that your home is experiencing gas line problems is when

  • Your gas-powered appliances aren’t working properly
  • You smell gas [rotten eggs or sewage]

If you notice either of these signs, quickly turn off the gas, leave your home, notify your gas company, and call an experienced plumber immediately.

Though routine maintenance is important for every component of your home, it’s especially important to keep your gas lines in good order.

For interior gas line repair, replacement, and diagnostics, contact Jennings.


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