Heating Homes Since 1931

Next to furnaces, boilers are the second most common heating system in the United States. Residential boilers deliver consistent warmth without the noise and drafts associated with traditional furnaces.

At Jennings, our comfort advisors have extensive knowledge about oil, gas, and electric boilers and are able to service all three types for your convenience.

Regular servicing of your boiler ensures:

  • A safe living environment
  • Lower energy bills
  • Fewer and less costly repairs
  • You meet your insurance policy requirements

Boiler Services

  • Comprehensive maintenance and repairs
  • Custom planning and design
  • Installation and configuration
  • Safety inspections
  • Preventative maintenance for absolute peace of mind

Did You Know?

If you have an older boiler in your home, it is cost-effective to upgrade it to the 80%, 90% or higher AFUE level if the difference in boiler price is not more than the amount you will save over its lifetime. Learn more about ENERGY STAR qualified boilers.



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