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An air conditioner in any home is an investment to make even the worst summer far more comfortable. But like anything else you rely on, your AC requires a level of care to keep it ready for when you need it. What goes into air conditioning maintenance, and where can you go for service you can truly count on?

Tune-Ups vs. Repair

Air conditioner maintenance is also known as an AC tune-up. Some use the term “tune-up” interchangeably with the act of AC repair, but there’s a significant difference between the two processes. 


Has your air conditioner stopped working entirely? If some inner mechanic has broken inside your unit, causing it to stop functioning, then you should call Jennings Heating and Cooling for an air conditioner repair. However, you shouldn’t wait to call until things get that bad. 


Air conditioner maintenance should happen annually, ideally every year in the fall or early spring. It’s something that needs to be done for all units, even those running without a problem. We do this because there’s a good part of the year where most air conditioners go unused. After that much time, they’re bound to gather dust and other particulates, and with that, even the best system can use a helping hand.

Much like you’d get a check-up at the doctor even if you aren’t doubled over in pain, regular tune-ups are a great way to make sure your air conditioner stays in working order. 

The Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

When you call on Jennings Heating and Cooling, we will send an expert technician with a comprehensive inspection checklist for your air conditioner. They will examine your unit inside and out to catch whatever problem areas need fixing. 

This will include a full cleaning of your condenser coils, which can reduce a good amount of internal damage and increase overall efficiency. They will also check your system’s coolant levels and lubricate any part needed to eliminate friction. 

Your techniczan will even cover the smaller aspects of air conditioner maintenance, like calibrating the thermostat and tightening the electrical connections. That is only a fraction of the full sweeping inspection our team is capable of giving your cooling system. And once your AC has been fully treated, you’ll be able to use it through another season with full confidence.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are a lot of benefits that can come from regular air conditioner maintenance. When you take a proactive hand in the health of your cooling system, you can actually save yourself a substantial amount of time, money, and trouble. 

A cooling system that is regularly maintained runs better than it would otherwise. It flows stronger and more efficiently, which will save you money on your monthly utility bill. And believe it or not, but that’s the only one-way frequent maintenance can save you money. 

You can put off air conditioner repair through annual tune-ups or even circumvent it entirely. Our technicians know how to spot major AC problems while they’re still in their infancy. Because of that, they know how to fix a small problem before it turns into a big issue.

And overall, annual maintenance is a core component at extending your air conditioner’s lifespan for as long as possible. By incorporating this one process into your yearly maintenance schedule, you can enjoy the best of your current cooling system for that much longer.

Air Conditioner Maintenance at Jennings Heating and Cooling  

There are a lot of air conditioning maintenance providers across the United States, but if you’re in Northeast Ohio, the best name in the area is Jennings Heating and Cooling. We provide our expertise from Summit to Wayne counties, and regardless of where you live in our service area, we can bring you the best in HVAC maintenance and installation. 

And if you’re looking for priority service for your cooling system, we have a multi-tiered Rewards Club to guarantee household functionality with convenience. With our Silver Level, you get two annual 15-point maintenance inspections on both your heating and cooling systems, along with a variety of other perks, for only $16 a month. 

You deserve to have a home you feel comfortable in all year round. And more than that, you should be able to take the appliances you buy and use them for as long as advertised. It’s possible to make sure both happen. All you need is to call Jennings Heating and Cooling today. We maintain your AC so you can keep your peace of mind. 


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