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Kent Air Conditioning

Most homeowners in Kent, OH call an AC technician right away when their air conditioner breaks down, but our AC services at Jennings are important for more than just the times when your system has stopped working. Preventative maintenance services are crucial whether your air conditioner is brand new or approaching the end of its lifespan. If you have never had your AC serviced, you may want to consider the benefits that our maintenance services in Kent can provide for your AC, your family, and your budget.

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Treat Customers Like Family

All of our staff is trained to treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated in return. When you’re a Jennings customer, you’re like family to us. We put your needs first!

Warehouse on Wheels

The most commonly needed parts are stored on our trucks to reduce wait time and ensure timely repairs and installations.

NATE Certified Techs

When a Jennings technician enters your home, you can be sure you’re getting the best comprehensive service from a friendly, honest and knowledgable employee.

    Treat Customers Like Family

    All of our staff is trained to treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated in return. When you’re a Jennings customer, you’re like family to us. We put your needs first!

    Warehouse on Wheels

    The most commonly needed parts are stored on our trucks to reduce wait time and ensure timely repairs and installations.

    NATE Certified Techs

    When a Jennings technician enters your home, you can be sure you’re getting the best comprehensive service from a friendly, honest and knowledgable employee.

Kent AC Repair

Every technician on our team is NATE-certified which means they are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians in the industry. A North American Technician Excellence certification ensures that our team members are always updated on the newest technology and repair methods, which means that you will get quality service every time.

When your air conditioner stops working, we will come to your home at the scheduled time and inspect the system to find the problem. Our careful and complete assessments safeguard against any missed problems, and we are always able to provide you with a complete estimate of all needed repairs before we begin servicing your system. We carry all of the supplies and tools that we need so that we can immediately fix the problem without having to make you wait to have the system repaired. We want you to be able to enjoy a cool home again as quickly as possible.

We know that part of the stress of a broken AC can come from worrying about the cost to repair your system. We try to make repairs more worry-free by being upfront about our prices and offering specials and discounts to our valued customers. Members of our Rewards Club always receive 20% off of any repairs that are needed throughout the year.


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Our Kent Services

Explore a complete range of HVAC and electrical services in Kent, OH, and the nearby regions, including:

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Emergency AC Repair

If it is the middle of summer and your air conditioner has stopped working, we are pleased to be able to offer 24/7 emergency repairs for your HVAC system. All you need to do is call us, and we will be on our way to your home. We can handle any problem, no matter how complex, and we will have your AC running again as quickly as possible.

When to Call for Repair

Some air conditioning problems are more urgent than others, but you should always feel free to call us if anything is concerning you. It is a good idea to call right away if your AC unit is not turning on or if there is no air coming out of the vents. If there is still air coming from the vents, but it is no longer cold, this is also a good indication that your air conditioner needs to be repaired.

Loud sounds coming from your air conditioner may mean that there are loose parts, or even something as simple as broken isolation feet causing your AC to be unstable during operation. It can also be a sign of a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor, so be sure to call Jennings if you hear any noises that you aren’t used to. This also applies to any bad odors coming from the AC or vents. A hot metallic smell can be a sign of an electrical malfunction, and a moldy, musty, or dirty smell may indicate a problem in your ducts. If you notice these smells, turn your system off and call for emergency service.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you have an older AC, it can be difficult for you to know when it needs to be replaced. Most air conditioning problems can be fixed, but some come with a higher price tag. Also, some problems can begin to occur too often, causing you to have to spend a lot of money on repairs when you could be saving up for a new system instead. We can help you identify the point at which your AC becomes more of a liability than an asset.

This point usually occurs when a major component of your air conditioner breaks down, such as the evaporator coil or condenser. These breakdowns can be avoided for many years through regular maintenance, but after 10-15 years, the chance of a major breakdown increases. You may also have to get a new AC if your system is no longer running efficiently, or if it has a refrigerant leak.

We want the experience of having an air conditioner installed in your home to be a positive one. We help to make it this way by treating you right and by offering you more ways to make the installation affordable. Check out our Rewards Club for more information on how you can save up for your next replacement through our annual credit accrual program.

Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

If you need a new air conditioning solution but your home does not have ductwork, you may not have to worry about the expensive and tedious process of installing ducts. Many homeowners in Kent have found that mini-split ductless systems are more than sufficient for cooling their homes, both effectively and affordably.

A mini-split ductless AC is a compact cooling system that has an outdoor unit and 1-4 indoor units located in different rooms of the home. Each indoor unit can be controlled individually, which makes this type of system perfect for homes that need a different temperature setting in each zone. Our team at Jennings can complete these installations in just a couple of hours so that you can begin to enjoy a cool home right away.

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Indoor Air Quality Installation Services

In addition to our cooling services, we also offer indoor air quality installations to improve your comfort and health. If you have been experiencing allergies, respiratory problems, or too much humidity in the home during the summer, you can invest in our air purification, air filtration, and dehumidification installations.

Protect Your System With Regular Maintenance

While some problems, either small or large, cannot be prevented, especially as the unit ages, preventative maintenance can make a difference in how many repairs you have to pay for during the life of your AC. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we have the most affordable and comprehensive maintenance plans in the Kent area, which makes them well worth investing in. In addition to discounts on every repair, you will also be able to have two free inspections every year, priority service that guarantees you an appointment within 24 hours, and reduced service fees for all of your emergency AC repair needs.

The Importance of AC Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is vital for the health of your system. You wouldn’t run a vehicle for 10 years without an oil change or a car wash, and you don’t run an air conditioner for this amount of time without having the motor and other moving parts lubricated, and the inside and outside cleaned. Neglecting these items can cause your AC to have a much shorter lifespan, and it can result in the breakdown of crucial components that can be very expensive to fix.

Having preventative maintenance done on your system is also important for your health. At Jennings, we focus on helping your air conditioner to continue filtering the air properly by changing the filter, cleaning dust off the system, and making sure the vents are clear. When your system is dust-free, you will enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment.

Finally, preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to save money on your air conditioner during its lifespan. Constant repairs, replacements before your system has even reached the 10-year mark, and high utility bills can all put a strain on your wallet. However, proper maintenance will allow your system to work at its peak performance without dirt, dust, and excess friction to make it work harder, allowing more of your hard-earned money to be used for other things.

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Scheduling Your Tune-Up

Many of our customers ask us when the best time is to schedule a tune-up. The most important thing is that you put it on your calendar annually, regardless of the time of year. However, our tune-ups are perhaps the most productive when they are scheduled at the end of winter when your system has been collecting dust for several months. It can be extremely helpful to have your AC cleaned and lubricated before you even have to turn it on for the summer.

AC Maintenance at Jennings Heating and Cooling

The most important part of our preventative maintenance services at Jennings is our air conditioning tune-ups. We offer the most detailed tune-ups in the area, with an exhaustive list of checks, cleaning, and lubrication. A tune-up should be performed every year, preferably before the weather begins to warm up, and it is an essential time for our technicians to assess the condition of your air conditioner, perform small repairs, and identify any potential problems.

During each appointment, you can expect your technician to change your filters, lubricate mechanical parts, tighten electrical connections, check safety controls, assess airflow in each room of the home, clean and vacuum the unit inside and out, make sure the area around your outdoor unit is free from obstruction, and re-calibrate the thermostat. When we are done, your system will be rejuvenated and refreshed, and you will be able to enjoy crisp, cold air from your vents all summer long.

Jennings Rewards Club Members

If you are concerned about the time, effort, and money involved in having your air conditioner serviced, you may want to consider our Rewards Club. There is no cheaper way to ensure that your system receives the care it needs, and our convenient yearly reminders will make it easy to schedule your maintenance appointments. Our Rewards Club also gains you access to several other benefits which will help you not only with your air conditioner but also your heater and water heater as well.

In addition to two yearly inspections and tune-ups for your HVAC system, you will also receive discounts on repair services, no service fee for regular repairs, a reduced service fee for emergency repairs, a free flush and purge for your condensate drain, extended warranties for repairs and thermostat replacement, credit accruals towards the purchase of a new air conditioner, furnace, and water heater, and more.

Our plans range from $16-$26 per month, and this gives you more than $1,000 of savings every year. We always work with you to make sure that you get services that are customized specifically for your system. We want you to receive the best care, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained air conditioning system.

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are a team of passionate individuals that are always working hard to enrich the lives of our customers. We always treat your home like it is our own, and we give the same advice to you as we would to our own families. When you want honest service and affordable prices in Kent, call Jennings today.

Get AC Help in Kent From Experts Today!

We are proud to have served Kent and the surrounding areas for close to a century. We began as a coal company in 1931, just after the Great Depression. What began as a passion to deliver one of the most important resources of the time to our customers in Northeast Ohio has evolved into the area’s most compassionate and experienced heating and cooling service company.

During the training process, each of our valuable team members learns the importance of respecting each home as they work. This means always appropriately covering carpeting, wearing shoe coverings, and taking care of the area as though it were their own. We are always friendly, and you can trust us to complete every job with the highest level of expertise and care.

Since 1931, our customers have trusted us to do exactly what we say we will do. We promise quality AC work, and this is exactly what you will get. We also guarantee a timely arrival for each appointment, and we will never make you wait all day for service. It is important to us that our customers can trust our prices and estimates. We continue to value integrity as the most important quality of any business, and having affordable prices and trustworthy service times are at the very foundation of what we do.

When you call Jennings Heating and Cooling for your AC, you will receive the quality that you deserve. Whether you are replacing an old AC or trying to fix one, Jennings will be there. Call us today for more information about our AC services in Kent