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Canton Air Conditioning

Looking for the best air conditioner repair Canton, Ohio, has to offer? Then look no further than Jennings Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. Since 1931 we have made it not just our business but our priority to take care of the needs of our customers in and around Canton, Ohio. We understand how crucial it is to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and still stay within a budget.

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Treat Customers Like Family

All of our staff is trained to treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated in return. When you’re a Jennings customer, you’re like family to us. We put your needs first!

Warehouse on Wheels

The most commonly needed parts are stored on our trucks to reduce wait time and ensure timely repairs and installations.

NATE Certified Techs

When a Jennings technician enters your home, you can be sure you’re getting the best comprehensive service from a friendly, honest and knowledgable employee.

    Treat Customers Like Family

    All of our staff is trained to treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated in return. When you’re a Jennings customer, you’re like family to us. We put your needs first!

    Warehouse on Wheels

    The most commonly needed parts are stored on our trucks to reduce wait time and ensure timely repairs and installations.

    NATE Certified Techs

    When a Jennings technician enters your home, you can be sure you’re getting the best comprehensive service from a friendly, honest and knowledgable employee.

Air Conditioner Repair in Canton, OH

Keeping your home, and your family, cool in the summer is important. Of course, poorly operating, outdated, or broken air conditioner units can cause high expenses, like utilities or emergency replacement. The need for air conditioning repair in Canton cannot always be predicted, though, and that means repairs may be in order. The good news is we don’t charge more for our 24/7 emergency service, do our billing by the job, not the hour, and always stick to the quote we give.


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Our Canton Services

Explore a complete range of HVAC and electrical services in Canton, OH, and the nearby regions, including:

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Signs That You Need a Repair

While you can only expect your air conditioner to last between 10 to 15 years, most of the problems that your AC will have during this time will be easily repaired and won’t mean having to replace your system. However, the sooner Jennings is able to get to your home to repair an AC that is struggling, the less complex the problem will likely be to fix. This is a good reason to be watchful and to call when your system seems to be working less efficiently.

One way that you can tell you need an AC repair in Canton is if you are paying more and more each month to cool your home. An air conditioner will have to expend more energy to cool your home if there is a part that needs to be replaced. You can also tell that service is needed if your air conditioner is starting to make noises. Creaking, banging, or rattling noises can indicate any number of problems.

Emergency Repair Services

Some problems should be treated with more urgency and concern than others. While problems with inefficiency can probably wait until the next weekday appointment, this should not be the case with refrigerant leaks, water leaks, or systems that have completely failed. If you do not have adequate cooling in your home or the problem seems dangerous to your family or your home, you can call our emergency air conditioning services in Canton at any time of the day or night. We know that every emergency call is pressing, and we take it seriously. You are never alone when you have Jennings Heating, Cooling, and Electrical on your team.

Our Repair Process

During each repair, we want you to be more familiar and comfortable with your air conditioner. Our technicians explain each problem and solution with clarity so that you learn about the system and understand exactly what work we will be performing. These clear explanations always come with a precise estimate for how much you will pay. We always promise to stick to this price and we will communicate with you if any other problems are found in the system. We are committed to never having surprise or hidden fees.

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Canton Air Conditioning Installation

Canton is a unique city, with a climate like no other. This means that homeowners in the area need to have an air conditioning solution that is as flexible as the weather and as individual as their homes.

At Jennings Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, we are in the business of finding the perfect solutions for our customers and delivering air conditioning installation services in Canton that are matchless in our area. Our cooling solutions keep the heat at bay on the hottest days, and we also provide humidity control installations to counteract excess moisture in the air. Read on to find out more about our installation process and what you can expect from getting a new AC.

How Our Installation Process Works

While the installation process can be a lot of work and involve a lot of thought and effort, our goal is to put most of the burden on our own shoulders so that we can take it off of yours. We are here from your first phone call to help you make the decision to replace or upgrade your system, and we will be there even beyond the installation to help keep your new AC maintained and running well. The installation process at Jennings begins with deciding whether or not an AC installation is necessary.

Finding the Right Time to Install a New System

A new air conditioner in Canton, OH is often needed when the old system has become more expensive to maintain than it would be to purchase a brand new AC. Old air conditioners can also put an unnecessary burden on your monthly budget by causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Some AC problems can also be difficult and expensive to fix, or the issue may be putting the health of your family at risk. Our technicians at Jennings will take the time to inspect your current system, and listen to your situation before letting you know whether a repair or a replacement is recommended.

Choosing the Right AC

When you install a new air conditioner, you have the chance to choose a system that has good efficiency ratings, is the correct size for your home, and has the reputation for excellence and dependability in the HVAC industry. We have experience with all different makes and models, and we know how to point you in the direction of a system that meets all of your needs for economical operation and exceptional cooling power. We offer cooling packages that make this even easier, and you can choose your new air conditioner based on efficiency, the degree of noise during operation, price, and more. We are proud that all of the systems we install use Puron® refrigerant which does not deplete the ozone.

Installation and Clean-Up

On the day of the installation, we will start by removing your old system if you have one. We will then clean up the area to make sure it is ready for your new system, and cover your carpet to protect it. Next, we will check your air ducts, electrical system, and other external components. Once we are sure that everything is ready, we will install the new unit. After this, we perform quality control and inspect the entire system. Finally, we install and inspect your new thermostat and we clean the entire area again so that it looks like we were never there.

At Jennings, we care about the quality of our Canton installations. We are proud to be known as the most reliable and quality AC installation contractor in the area, and we live up to this reputation every day. Call us today to begin the process of getting your new system installed.

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Canton Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you have tried to turn on your air conditioner on the first hot day of the summer, but you have discovered that it is no longer working as well as it was the previous year, this is probably because your system is in need of preventative AC maintenance in Canton. Every year before it gets hot, you should consider scheduling a checkup so that your system can be squeaky clean and ready for another hot summer. Here is everything you need to know about our preventative maintenance services at Jennings Heating, Cooling, and Electrical.

AC Maintenance Items

Our preventative maintenance tasks for your air conditioner are split into inside and outside cleaning and adjustments. On the outside of your system, we check the condenser and fins and clean them if they have collected any dirt or residue. We clean leaves and other debris off of the unit and clear the space around it of vegetation or objects.

On the inside of the unit, we change the air filter and get the dirt off of your evaporator coils. We make sure the evaporator drain is free from clogs. We will check refrigerant levels when necessary, check electrical connections and tighten them if needed, and make sure any moving parts are well lubricated and in good condition.

Why Are Tune-Ups Important?

Routine maintenance is essential for your air conditioner, both to keep it working at peak performance, and to save you money in the short and long term. A clean and well-lubricated system will be able to exchange heat much more efficiently which will result in savings each month on your energy bills. A system that hasn’t been maintained, however, will struggle to cool your home, and it might require service more frequently. Many of the major repairs that we perform happen on systems that have not been routinely serviced.

Finally, frequent tune-ups will help you save money in the long term because they will last many years longer than an AC that does not receive preventative care. Your wallet will thank you for the time, energy, and money that you put towards maintenance.

The lifespan of your system also depends upon regular maintenance. A well-maintained air conditioner can easily last 15 years or more, especially if it has been serviced by a company that is thorough about checking everything at each tune-up. You will also be able to enjoy lower costs, both because your system will be working much more powerfully and efficiently, and because you will be calling us far less often for emergency repairs.

Finally, your home will be much more comfortable with a well-maintained system. Your AC will be able to evenly cool your entire home to the perfect temperature without making your energy bill skyrocket during the summer months. You will also be able to enjoy the clean and fresh air that comes from a clean system and dust-free vents.

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