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Purchasing a New HVAC System? How Much Could it Save You?

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Thinking about purchasing a new HVAC system? Perhaps you’ve noticed a perpetually warm home this summer despite the air always being on. Maybe you’ve had your decade-old system repaired multiple times and you know it’s just not performing as it should.

Whatever the reason for needing to get a new HVAC system, the cost of a replacement can seem daunting. With HVAC systems ranging in price from $6,000–$12,000, replacing this home necessity can be intimidating and might seem like something that’s out of reach.

However, when factoring in long term savings on energy bills, home resale value, and the gratification of comfort in your own home, the incredible value of a well working and efficient HVAC system far outweighs the initial costs. Plus, we have financing options available at Jennings Heating and Cooling that can make a new system within reach

When is it Time to Purchase a New HVAC System?

Bang. Pow. Bam. If your HVAC sounds like an old episode of Batman, chances are it’s time to upgrade. While certain systems can last up to twenty or twenty-five years, it’s not uncommon for others to only make it fifteen years or less.

Here are a few signs that your HVAC system is ready to be replaced:

  • Frequent repairs and emergency calls
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Loud noises audible when the system is running
  • Your home HVAC has been in use longer than ten years.

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs with your HVAC system, it’s time to give Jennings a call to discuss efficient and affordable options for you and your home.

What Could it Save me in Energy Costs?

An initial, one-time investment in a new HVAC system not only increases the value of your home, but also boosts money going back into your wallet. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, simply upgrading your heating and cooling unit can greatly reduce your monthly utility bills by 20–40%. And if you’re concerned about keeping money in your wallet, we can offer financing options to make a new, energy-efficient system a reality for you.

With the average monthly utility bill in Ohio averaging $102 per month, an efficiency reduction over a decade can range between $2,400 and $4,800—which is a large percentage of your original investment back.

Additionally, HVAC systems produced today are designed to be incredibly efficient and eco-friendly. Manufacturers are required to meet fuel efficiency standards and must earn a specific rating in order to be produced. Systems of today are designed for effectiveness, efficiency and long-term savings.

What You Don’t Save, You Gain in Value

Home buyers have a litany of wishes and requirements when searching for a new home. A newer, energy efficient HVAC system always ranks at the top of the list. Newer systems are designed slimmer and sleeker than their clunkier predecessors, make significantly less noise, and are much more efficient.

If your HVAC is antiquated, be prepared for potential buyers to lower the asking price of your home to make up for the cost of replacing.

When it’s time to sell your home, a new HVAC system is simply much more appealing to potential home buyers, and can ultimately lead to a higher resale value of your property.

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