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Is a Whole Home Generator Worth The Investment?

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Whole house generators provide security, protection, and convenience for your home during a power outage. But they are no small commitment, and making this decision can easily turn into a substantial investment. This leads a lot of customers to ask the same question: Is a whole house generator really worth the time, money, and effort?

Up Front Investment VS. Future Security & Savings

It’s true—installing a whole house generator is a financial investment. However, this initial expense can save you thousands in the long run. Power outages do more than just cut out the lights. All appliances from refrigerators to sump pumps are unable to function. This can cause a variety of costly problems:

  • Sump pump failure often results in basement flooding, which can cost thousands due to water damage and mold remediation.
  • Losing heat in the winter can lead to more than just a few hours of being cold; It can cause water and waste pipes to freeze and burst, leaving an expensive and unnecessary mess.
  • Foods stored in a refrigerator or freezer can spoil in a mere 24 hours without power. This not only inhibits you and your family from eating fresh food, but can also be a considerable loss of money. The average household spends $800 on groceries each month (Fox Business).

Learn more about whole house generators and how installing one can save you money.

Staying Safe & Secure

Having power during a blackout can be critical in keeping young and elderly individuals safe. After just four hours without power, both children and the elderly face a heightened risk of hypothermia and heat exhaustion. With a whole house generator you can also have peace of mind knowing that any home medical devices, such as C-PAP, oxygen machines, monitors, and more, will continue to operate even during loss of power.

Whole house generators also keep your home secure. Research shows that during an extended blackout, crime rates rise by at least 23%. Having power keeps your security systems running and your lights on, chasing away unwanted intruders.

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Eliminate Your Storm Struggles With a Whole House Generator

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we believe that keeping your home secure is worth the investment—for the sake of your family and finances. With one of our whole house generators, you’ll be able to keep your home operating smoothly and save thousands of dollars in damage. It may seem overwhelming, but our generators are in stock, with experts are standing by and ready to help!

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