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Are you ready for winter? After enjoying the heat all summer long, it’s time to turn to a different kind of heat to keep you comfortable during the colder months. But there’s more to indoor heat than just your HVAC unit. Check out these tips to help you keep your home comfy and warm this winter!

Utilize Your Curtains and Blinds

The sun is a natural heat source that costs nothing at all, so use it when you can! Open curtains during the day to let the house soak up the sun, and close the curtains at night to act as an additional layer of insulation.

Find and Fix Cracks and Leaks

Having cracks and air leaks in doors and windows is basically like throwing money out the door. All that warm air you’re paying to pump into your home is likely escaping little by little through those cracks. Consider fixing the problem with some caulk and weatherstripping.

Remember to Change Your Furnace Filter

A dirty furnace filter causes your furnace to work harder than usual to keep your home heated. It’s also the number one cause of a furnace fire! So be sure you’re changing your furnace filter every couple of months for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Use Your Fireplace Wisely

If you have a working wood-burning fireplace and you enjoy having a fire lit in your home, do it as often as you can as a free energy source. However, if you never use your fireplace, it’s important to have your chimney flue closed, plugged, and sealed to prevent warm air from escaping.

Anticipate When You’ll Need Heat

Getting a programmable thermostat is a great way to keep your home more comfortable this year. This will allow you to set your thermostat to turn on before you come home or before you wake up so that the heat is already working its magic.

Maintain Your Furnace with the Help of Jennings Heating and Cooling

If you suspect your furnace isn’t running quite right this winter, don’t drag your feet to schedule service. You could catch an issue before it turns into something bigger and more costly—and avoid any potential safety issues! Contact Jennings Heating and Cooling to schedule a furnace tune-up this winter.