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Why Your Commercial Building Needs A Generator


If you’ve ever been in a building without power, you know it’s not much fun. As an Akron, OH, business owner, the consequences of an outage are even more severe: lost sales and productivity, equipment damage, and more. To avoid these consequences, having a generator is one of the best ways to stay ready for an outage at your commercial building. In this post, we’ll explain why generators are so important and how they work — plus some tips for getting started with one of your own.

Generators are great if you regularly have electrical outages.

If you regularly have power outages, a generator can be a lifesaver. Generators are designed to automatically kick on when the power goes out and keep your building up and running until it’s restored.

If this is an issue your company faces, then the Jennings heating and cooling experts would love to discuss helping your business by installing a surge protector along with your new generator.

An outage can interrupt a business’s operations.

A power outage can be disruptive to your business. Outages cost you money, time, and productivity, and they can affect your customers and your employees. If an outage occurs at a critical point in the day or week when many people rely on you for their services–such as during lunch hour or after work hours–your reputation may suffer as a result.

It’s also important to consider that having backup power means being able to continue operations immediately following an outage with minimal interruption. When customers see that their favorite restaurant has been able to reopen quickly after losing power during lunchtime rush hour, they’ll have confidence in returning in the future when another emergency strikes (or even just because they want some delicious food).

You don’t know when an outage will occur.

You don’t know when an outage will occur. You can’t predict when the power will go out, and you want to avoid being caught unprepared in an emergency or natural disaster. That’s why it’s essential to have a backup generator that can provide electricity for your entire building in case of an outage. A generator provides peace of mind that your business will always have power during these unexpected events.

A generator can help prevent damage to equipment and inventory.

Suppose your business loses electricity during a power outage. In that case, it means you’ll lose much more than just the time it takes for electricity to return–you’ll also have to deal with the financial consequences of losing sales, damaged goods and equipment, theft, or even lawsuits.

A backup generator provides an additional layer of protection against theft by keeping your security system on and providing power for refrigeration units to keep your product from spoiling.

Diesel generators tend to be more efficient than gas generators.

This means that Diesel generators will produce more power from the same amount of fuel, which saves you money in the long run.

A generator is one of the best ways to stay ready for a power outage at your commercial building.

If you have a commercial building and live in an area that frequently experiences electrical outages, it is crucial to consider having a generator installed. Outages can interrupt operations at your business, which could be detrimental to your bottom line. You may not know when an outage will occur or how long it will last, so having a backup power source can help protect against voltage spikes and prevent damage to equipment and inventory.

In addition to being reliable during times of emergency, generators also provide peace of mind by allowing businesses with sensitive equipment–such as hospitals and data centers–to continue operating during blackouts without interruption.


As we’ve discussed, a generator can be an excellent investment for your commercial building. It will help you stay ready for power outages and other issues that might interrupt your business operations. You don’t have to worry about being caught off guard by an outage if you have one of these devices on hand! Contact Jennings Heating and Cooling today to get yours.