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When you want to heat your home, you need a heater, but how do you make sure that the heat doesn’t just stay in one room but instead go through your entire house? You need to have a heat pump. You may be asking yourself, what is a heat pump? This is a piece of equipment that takes heat from one location and transports it somewhere else.

Refrigerant is used, and it circulates the heat through condensation and evaporation. The refrigerant is pumped between a couple of heat exchanger coils, one of which is evaporating the refrigerant. The refrigerant is then condensed as it goes to the other coil where it reduces, and the heat is released. While this may sound confusing, you don’t have to worry about knowing much about this if you have the experts from Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc.

Not Just Heaters Use this Technology

This type of technology is not new, and it is not just used to heat homes. Heat pumps are used in refrigeration and air conditioning units. The only difference is that they are used for cooling instead of heating. Basically, the heat pump takes heat from the inside and puts it outside so the items in the fridge and freezer remain cold and/or frozen.

Air conditioners work in the same manner. Since a heat pump is reversible, you can use it year round: in the winter to heat your home and in the summer time to stay nice and cool even when it is roasting outside. This is the most common type of heat pump that can be found in North American homes.

Parts of a Heat Pump

If you live in Ohio and you have problems with your heating pump you will want to call in the professionals at Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc. to take care of things for you. Even so, it is still a good idea to know a little bit about your heat pump, such as what the various parts are:

  • Reversing Valve – This is used to change the heat pump from heating to cooling.
  • Coil – This is a loop or multiple loops of tubing that allows for the transfer of heat.
  • Refrigerant – This is a liquid/gas that goes through the heat pump. It collects, moves and releases heat.
  • Evaporator – This is a coil that allows the refrigerant to gather heat from around it and boils it into a vapor. Some pumps have an accumulator that takes in the excess liquid that is not turned into vapor.
  • Compressor – This presses refrigerant gas molecules together to make it hotter.
  • Condenser – This is a coil that lets the refrigerant become liquid and give heat.
  • Expansion Device – This lowers the pressure from the compressor and allows the temperature to go down.
  • Plenum – This is an air compartment that helps heat to go through the entire house.

If you are having trouble with any of the parts of your heat pump, you need to contact the experts at Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc. You can find them online at