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It’s hard to believe that September is already here! No complaints though, Fall is one of my favorite times. This past summer (hot at times and also very wet) was still very enjoyable. I’m thankful for all the hard work and long hours our employees put in to help you, our customers, stay comfortable. At Jennings Heating, we are all responsible to deliver the highest quality in all the services we provide to you. One of the best investments Jennings Heating and Cooling has ever made was building our training center.


Each of our departments have a weekly training meeting where best practices and product knowledge are taught. It is a pleasure each morning to have an opportunity to say hello and catch up with our people who are doing such a great job! This past month we were able to send several employees to Sarasota and Saint Louis for additional training. If this sounds like bragging – it is and I am! We have great people and we want the very best organization possible to serve you. We are striving to be better every day.

Thanks again for making Jennings Heating possible and providing a living for so many fine people.

Mike Foraker, President.

The Chance to deliver quality in all we do for our customers.
Service is not a noun it’s a verb.