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Now Offering Virtual Visits

In order to promote social distancing and maintain the health and safety of our customers and employees, we are launching Virtual Advisor, a program that will allow our technicians to remotely troubleshoot, evaluate and diagnose issues when possible. This will also allow our Comfort Advisors to provide estimates without an on-site visit. The virtual visit is intended to provide troubleshooting assistance and offer solutions for some of the more common and simple HVAC equipment problems and failures. Jennings Heating is currently offering this service at NO CHARGE to new and existing customers living in the Jennings Heating service area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: The Virtual Visit is not intended for emergency service. If your issue requires immediate attention, please call us at 216-404-4850.

A virtual visit allows us to:

  • Troubleshoot, evaluate and diagnose issues
  • Provide estimates for service

…all while limiting an on-site visit!

Our technicians will not ask you to perform any task or give direction in making a repair that could endanger yourself or anyone else. If the issue cannot be resolved via the virtual visit it may be necessary to schedule a technician.

When is An In-Home Visit Required?

If one of our technicians has diagnosed an issue with your HVAC system that cannot be solved with remote troubleshooting, the next step is to schedule on-site service to make the necessary repairs.

Scheduling On-Site Service

When you call to schedule a service or sales call, our customer service representative will ask if anyone in your household has been exhibiting signs of illness. This question is simply to help reduce the spread of infection and to prepare our technicians prior to arrival.

If everyone in the household is well, our customer service representative will proceed with scheduling. In order to protect our customers and employees every technician that enters your home will:

  • Practice safe social distancing at the recommended 6 feet
  • Wear shoe covers, latex gloves and a face mask
  • Provide customers with a disposable stylus with which to authorize payments/repairs
  • Will disinfect every surface they have come in contact with while performing your service

If you have additional concerns or individuals in your household who may be particularly vulnerable, you may request that the technician wear a face shield and disposable coveralls. Please indicate the request of additional Personal Protective Equipment when scheduling with us.

Problem with your HVAC system? Schedule virtual service today!

If you’re experiencing an issue with your furnace or air conditioning unit, our technicians can troubleshoot, evaluate and diagnose issues via a virtual visit. Contact us today to request a virtual visit, and someone from our team will contact you with details.


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