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As the scorching temperatures set in, it’s crucial to ensure your AC can run efficiently for long hours. The air conditioner accounts for about 12% of the total energy expenditures every year, and AC units tend to use more energy during summer, making the system the primary energy user in every home. If you don’t prepare the unit for heavy usage, malfunctions may occur and significantly increase energy consumption.

How do you ensure your AC unit runs efficiently all summer without increasing your expenditures? These tips will assist your cooling system to keep up with the high summer demands.

Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

If you haven’t used your air conditioner for a while, you may have neglected the area around the condenser unit. When you turn on the AC and debris or overgrown vegetation surrounds the outdoor unit, it may overheat and run inefficiently. Remove all the weeds, tall grass, or flowers growing against the unit, as well as leaves.

If some elements are inside the unit, you will need professional help to clean up. HVAC technicians can perform in-depth cleanings without damaging any component. They can also clear the surrounding area if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Check the Ductwork Condition

Your AC relies on the ducts to supply cool air, so it’ll be challenging to keep the house comfortable if the ductwork is leaking or blocked. The unit will overwork and use more power but the indoor temperatures won’t drop.

Getting an HVAC technician to check the condition of the ducts will come in handy. The technician will check for leaks caused by separated pieces of the ductwork, tiny holes, or disconnected joints and seal them. They’ll also remove any debris or other elements that may block airflow. If mold growth is present, the technician will clean the ductwork to ensure you get clean air.

Get a Professional AC Tune-Up

Most homeowners often assume the AC will function effectively throughout summer without maintenance, but this isn’t always the case. Due to heavy usage, most units break down because of faulty components or excess dirt and dust.

Have your AC serviced before the summer heat sets in to uncover all the underlying performance issues that could prevent your unit from operating properly. This preventative maintenance measure will not only boost efficiency but will also extend the unit’s lifespan and save money on repairs in the long run.

Check the Condition of Attic and Wall Insulation

The insulation on your walls and attic plays a vital role in all seasons. It helps keep the warm air from escaping in winter, while it ensures the cool air stays indoors in summer. Get an expert to check if your insulation requires an upgrade. If it’s deficient, upgrade it immediately so cool air doesn’t radiate outside and force the unit to overwork all summer long.

Get a Smart Thermostat

One way to ensure your AC system doesn’t use more energy is to only run it when you need it. While adjusting a thermostat manually helps when you are around or awake, things will differ when you leave the house or go to sleep. Instead of using your old thermostat, replace it with a smart one that automatically adjusts the temperature as per the settings.

Vacuum the Vents

Cool air from your AC will pass through the vents, so ensure these openings are debris-free. You may opt to clean the vents and unblock them by yourself using a vacuum or assign the work to a professional. For instance, if your vents are on a high ceiling or the upper parts of the wall and you cannot risk climbing a ladder, get expert help to unblock or vacuum the vents.

If you need a competent HVAC technician to prepare the AC for summer, contact Jennings Heating and Cooling. Our technicians will offer thorough AC tune-up and share customized tips to enhance the unit’s efficiency.