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Jennings Heating of Akron, OH, knows your furnace is responsible for heating your home and that it is a crucial part of your comfort. When you need a new furnace or want to upgrade the one you already have, it helps to understand what benefits you’ll see from doing so. A newer model might earn you energy savings or improve the air quality inside your home. Also, upgrading to a newer system makes it easier to maintain and quieter than your current system. These are just some reasons why many homeowners replace their old furnaces with new ones when their units show signs of failure.

Furnace replacement can help reduce your energy bills.

Replacing your furnace can help reduce your energy bills, as well as any associated maintenance costs. Upgrading your system from an older, less efficient system to a newer high, efficient system can significantly impact your operating costs. From boilers to furnaces, Jennings heating has the professionals to handle all your heating needs.

A new furnace can improve the air quality throughout your home.

The air quality of your home has a lot to do with the furnace. This is why keeping your furnace filter clean and replacing it regularly is essential. Replacing or upgrading your old filter will improve the air quality throughout your home and help keep your furnace running smoothly.

A new system may require less maintenance than your old furnace.

A new furnace is likely to be more reliable and require less maintenance than your old one.

  •   The newer models are more efficient and use less energy. This means you may pay less for your heating costs over time.
  •   You’ll save money on maintenance, too. Since newer models tend to last longer than older ones, they’re also less likely to break down as often or need expensive repairs at inconvenient times. Some manufacturers offer warranties that cover the cost of regular cleaning and repair services for up to 10 years after purchase. So if anything goes wrong with your unit down the road, you don’t have to worry about footing the bill yourself!

A new furnace can be quieter and more reliable.

You may think: “I don’t care if my furnace is loud! As long as my house is warm, who cares?” But you should care about not just how well the system works but also how much energy it uses. A new furnace can be quieter and more reliable.

A new furnace with better insulation makes less noise than older models, which means that even though your new unit might seem larger than your old one, it will still be far quieter than an older model of similar size. Newer furnaces also have more electronically advanced moving parts (like fans), so they run more smoothly and don’t need to cycle on and off as often to maintain temperature levels in your house—this makes them more efficient overall. And since newer furnaces are designed with efficiency in mind from day one, they’re inherently more energy efficient (and cheaper) than older models built.

Replacing an old unit could make your home safer.

In addition to the health benefits described above, upgrading or replacing an old unit could also help improve safety concerns in your home. This includes carbon monoxide, fire hazards, and other issues that can arise from using a less-than-efficient furnace. While these problems are less common than they once were—and when they occur, they’re typically limited to older units—they still represent potential threats to homeowners and their families. If you suspect your furnace is becoming dangerous, ask us about our furnace replacement options.

It may be the right time to replace your furnace with a newer, more efficient model.

If you are considering replacing or upgrading your current system, there are several reasons why it’s time to consider a new model. While it can be expensive to replace a furnace, the benefits of doing so may be well worth the investment.

  •   A newer unit will likely use less energy and therefore cost you less money each month.
  •   A new furnace may improve air quality throughout your home because it will produce fewer emissions and reduce dust levels by not being affected by frequent on/off cycling like older models.
  •   Newer furnaces tend to be quieter than older ones, especially during operation and when first starting up. In addition, many recent models are more reliable than their predecessors due to better design features that allow for more efficient heating operations regardless of weather conditions outside your home (i.e., wind chill).
  •   Finally, if safety is important enough to consider replacing an old heating system with something newer, then the peace of mind provided by knowing that your family lives in one room free from carbon monoxide poisoning should certainly contribute towards this decision!


While there are many benefits to replacing your furnace, it’s essential to consider how much it will cost. In most cases, the upfront costs of buying and installing a new system will be outweighed by the long-term savings you’ll get from lower energy bills and reduced maintenance needs. Contact Jennings Heating and Air Conditioning of Akron, OH, today if you want to have your old furnace serviced or have a brand new one installed.