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HVAC technician performing an energy assessment

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we help homes and businesses take advantage of the best, most efficient equipment available to help save on energy costs and keep homes and offices as comfortable as possible. Our energy assessment for commercial businesses involves coming to your place of business and assessing the ways you use energy and identifying areas where you may be able to cut costs and conserve energy.

If you feel that your water, gas or electric bills have been high or are steadily increasing, be sure to contact us and schedule an energy assessment for your commercial space. Until then, here are a few tips that can help you conserve and save:

Get an energy assessment from Jennings Heating and Cooling

According to the Small Business Administration, HVAC systems account for 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. You can choose to either control your energy costs, or let them control your business. Energy management services at Jennings can help your organization lay the groundwork for continuous improvement of your energy usage. Contact us today to request an appointment!

Open windows or doors in the office if you’re able.

If you’re able to open the windows or doors in your space, do it! On a nice summer day when the temperature isn’t too hot and there’s some wind blowing outside, opening the windows is the perfect way to get air flowing and keep everyone comfortable without using costly electricity or gas. Plus, the fresh air will help avoid what is commonly known as office fever.

Ask that employees power down their computers before leaving for the day.

Leaving computers on overnight—even in sleep mode—can increase your electrical costs. You may not think that a computer running between 5:00pm and 8:00am is a big deal, but those hours really add up throughout the week. Not only does leaving them on increase electricity costs, it can also create extra heat inside the office which then keeps your air conditioning running longer than it should.

Make it a habit of turning off all lights before locking up each night.

Leaving lights on overnight is not only wasteful, but it’s a costly habit! When no one is at the office to use the extra light, why leave them on? See what the U.S. Department of Energy has to say about when to turn off your lights and how much energy you’ll save.

Have your furnace and air conditioner checked and maintained regularly.

Older equipment or any equipment that is not regularly maintained is likely to be running inefficiently. By signing up for our Rewards Club, we’ll keep you on track with regular furnace and air conditioner checks to ensure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible to not only keep you and your employees comfortable, but to keep your energy bills low.

Use energy efficient light bulbs where applicable.

Office building and retail spaces, especially large spaces, use so much light every single day, and that’s unavoidable. By making a small and fairly simple change like switching to energy efficient light bulbs, your business can save some serious cash and use it for more important things.

Have your building inspected for cracks and gaps.

You might be trying to keep the AC or heat to a minimum, but no matter how hard you try, cracks and gaps in the building can allow hot or cold air to escape. If you rent your commercial space, consider asking the landlord when the last time the building was inspected.

Do You Need an Energy Assessment?

Stop letting energy costs control your business! Contact Jennings Heating and Cooling today to request an appointment for an energy assessment.