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In the middle of winter when there is a storm blowing outside and snow is piling up on your patio furniture, it is great to be able to stay indoors, cuddle up on the couch with a cup of coffee, and watch the snowfall. However, this comfortable scene can be shattered in an instant by a furnace that isn’t warming the home properly. While we offer many services to residents in the Stow area, perhaps none is quite as important as our regular furnace maintenance.

Furnace maintenance can often be undervalued because it is a service that doesn’t always seem urgent. However, a lack of routine care can quickly lead to an urgent situation that could put a significant strain on your finances. Saving money and avoiding stress has never been easier than with our furnace maintenance services at Jennings, so we hope that you will take advantage of them and protect yourself from the annoyances and even dangers that come with furnace breakdowns.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is any service that is undergone to keep your system healthy. While small repairs may be done during a maintenance appointment, these are generally considered two separate services. During maintenance, we may clean your furnace, make small adjustments, lubricate components, and inspect it from top to bottom. Here is more information about our specific services in Stow.

Furnace Cleaning

When you go to the dentist, they will likely reemphasize the importance of cleaning your teeth so that they don’t get cavities. Your furnace is the same in that it needs to be regularly cleaned or it will develop problems. Thankfully, these systems do not need to be cleaned every day like your teeth, but they do need to be cleaned yearly by a licensed technician.

When cleaning your furnace, we specifically focus on components that can be directly affected by being dirty such as the heat exchanger, blower motor, sensor, burners, and more. We may also clean the vents if they are obstructed by dust, and we will clean the filter or replace it as necessary. Sometimes the outside of the unit or space around the furnace can also benefit from being cleaned to keep excess dust from entering the system.

Furnace Inspections

It is beneficial for furnaces to be inspected twice a year for potential problems. Not only are inspections good for catching problems with the system, but they are also vital for the safety of your family. When neglected, a furnace can develop electrical problems, gas leaks, or carbon monoxide leaks without you noticing. Any one of these can have a serious impact on the health and safety of residents inside the home.

At Jennings, we are great at catching even the smallest of potential problems. When we find an issue, you will have the option to immediately resolve it so that you can prevent a more serious problem from developing.


Does your furnace need just a little bit of help to get it through the winter? Our tune-up services combine cleaning and inspection for an all-in-one service that will keep it in the best condition. For a dependable system that continues to heat your home winter after winter, make sure to schedule a tune-up each fall.

Maintenance Plans

If you are worried about forgetting to have your furnace serviced, or you are concerned about the price of having your system inspected, we can set your mind at ease regarding both. Our Rewards Club is a fool-proof way of ensuring that your furnace always gets the services it needs. Two 15-point inspections are included with your membership and we will always remind you when it is time to schedule an appointment.

Repairs are also more affordable with our special member discounts, and service fees are also waived or discounted depending on the service. We truly value each of our customers at Jennings Heating and Cooling, and we love being able to make inconvenient or difficult situations just a little better.

There is no better choice you could make for your furnace than to schedule a maintenance appointment with Jennings Heating and Cooling. We are proud that our services are highly reviewed s, and we are excited to help more homeowners in Stow to get their systems on track. If you have noticed problems with your furnace that are making it run less efficiently, you can always call us to have us inspect or clean your system. 


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