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When you want to know that your electrical system is safe, there is no room for mistakes and questionable work. You want your home to be taken care of by the best. At Jennings, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work, and we have a longstanding relationship with many residents in the Stow area. These relationships are built on trust which we foster by keeping our prices transparent and predictable, communicating with our customers, and always producing a quality product. Here are a few of the electrical services that we provide in the Stow area. 

Generator Installations

While rainstorms, wind, and other weather can cause power outages in Stow, many other things could leave you without power for a day or more. A blown transformer, car accident, falling tree branch, and many other occurrences can cause an interruption of power to your home. While power companies often try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, these outages can last long enough to make the food in your fridge go bad and to interrupt your workday or other plans. You can avoid all of this hassle by investing in a whole-home generator through Jennings Heating and Cooling. Our generators can power your entire house for several days, putting the control back into your hands. 

Data Cabling

If you are feeling disconnected from your friends, family, or even coworkers due to internet connectivity issues, we have an easy solution. High-speed internet at your home can transform your communication, entertainment, and more. At Jennings, we offer data cabling for high-speed internet in your area. 

Wiring Diagnostics and Repairs

The wiring in your home powers everything from your outlets to your hardwired electrical devices. When there is a small problem in one area, it can cause negative effects on the rest of the house. That is why it is so important to give us a call as soon as something seems odd. You may notice white sparks when you plug in a device or other worrying signs. A hot, electrical smell is always a cause for concern, as well as an electrical panel or outlets that feel warm to the touch.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

Your panel is at the heart of your electrical system, and its importance when it comes to electrical safety and the proper function of your system is unmatched. You should check with your electrician to make sure that your panel has enough amps to power everything in your home. An upgrade to a panel with more amps will give you the ability to add on to your home, purchase a new hot tub, or add an electric vehicle charging station to your garage. It can also minimize electrical problems in the home such as overload. 

Swimming Pool Electrical Services

Are you finally realizing your dream to add a pool or hot tub to your backyard? If so, you will need the help of a licensed electrician to install the pool lights, pool pump, and pool heater. We are experts in all of these installations, and we will make sure that your pool has everything you need for a comfortable outdoor space. 

Lighting Installations

A vital part of a beautifully designed home is the lighting. At Jennings, we combine our electrical knowledge with our determination to help customers have a beautiful and efficient home. We offer lighting solutions that will reduce your energy usage while keeping your home well-lit. You can invest in lighting control systems to reduce consumption, and you can also have Jennings help you with outdoor lighting, security lighting, and more. 

Surge Protection

One of our specialties is surge protection for homes in the Stow area. Some of our customers are not even aware of the dangers of surge protection until there is an unexpected surge and a device becomes damaged. We can help prevent this through whole-home surge protection that is built into your electrical system. 

Electrical Outlets

Like anything else in your electrical system, your electrical outlets can break, become outdated, and become unsafe. If you still have two-prong outlets and you are using adapters to plug in your devices and appliances, this should be remedied right away. We love to update and install outlets to make them safer and more usable for our customers. 

Whether you have lived in your home for many years or you are just purchasing a property, it is important to always keep your electrical system up to date. This is easy with our electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades at Jennings. 


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