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Stow is a beautiful city in the state of Ohio, and it is home to some of the friendliest people. It is a great place to raise a family, with lots of outdoor activities to keep you busy during the summer. However, when you want to spend a quiet day at home, you want to be able to relax in a house that is cool even on warm and sunny days. Air conditioners need the proper care to be able to cool your home year after year. Preventative maintenance is far cheaper than paying for frequent repairs, and they are much more predictable. Here is additional information about our preventative maintenance services in Stow, OH.

The Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance

The ideal air conditioner should be able to cool all of the desired areas of your home with steady and reliable operation. There should be no hot spots in your house, and the cost to cool your home should not be more expensive than your mortgage. You should be able to depend on the comfort it provides without worrying about breakdowns or having to replace it. If this does not describe your AC, adding preventative maintenance to your yearly priorities may help to turn things around for your system. Here are a couple of major benefits of maintaining your AC.

Preventative Maintenance Increases Efficiency

There is a lot of evidence that proves that preventative maintenance can lead to huge savings for homeowners. If even one component of your AC wears out or stops working effectively, this can have an impact on the overall efficiency of your system. For example, a broken or defective thermostat, or even one that has not been programmed effectively, can lead to as much as a 30% increase in energy usage. When we check your system, we look for items such as this that could be causing your energy bills to rise or fluctuate.

Preventative Maintenance Prevents Breakdown

Some of the most expensive AC repairs include evaporative coil failure, compressor replacements, condenser fan motor repair, and refrigerant leaks. Often, these problems are so expensive to fix that most people opt to replace their systems instead. However, with persistent cleaning, refrigerant charges, inspections, and more, you can prevent most of these major breakdowns and enjoy your system a little longer before having to replace it. Preventative maintenance is essential for protecting major components. 

Why Choose Jennings?

Even if you are confident that preventative maintenance services are what your system needs, you may wonder what makes our services at Jennings special. We believe that the way we treat our customers combined with the quality and scope of our services sets us apart from others in the Stow area. We take our time during each appointment to make sure that we have not overlooked anything important in our inspections and that the system is functioning as it should.

To help ensure comprehensive services, we have 15-point inspections that leave nothing out. After every inspection, you can expect a full report from your technician that shows the condition of your system in detail. Tune-ups at Jennings are also an essential annual service that keeps your system clean and promotes a smooth operation. We will clean your condenser coils, evaporator coils, blower components, and air filter. We check your thermostat, refrigerant lines, and condensate drain and note any problems. For a more complete list of maintenance items, you can check our preventative maintenance page. 

Jennings Rewards Club

Are you worried that the price of preventative maintenance will be too much for your family? Do you need someone to take care of the details so that you can focus on other things? The Rewards Club at Jennings might be right for you. Each member of our Rewards Club receives 20% off all HVAC repairs. They also get exclusive access to other specials through our newsletter and a reduction of service fees for HVAC and electrical service visits.

If you become a member, you can save up for a new system through our credit accrual program, and you can also gain access to two free 15-point inspections each year with reminders of when your service is due.

Because preventative maintenance is so beneficial for our customers, we want everyone to be able to enjoy it. We hope that through our maintenance plans, we can help every home have a well-maintained AC. Contact us for more details about how to take care of your air conditioner.


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