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Jennings Heating and Cooling have been serving Northeast Ohio with quality HVAC service and repair since 1931. Stow, Ohio residents have come to know and trust Jennings and our NATE certified technicians. Need air conditioner repair service? Contact Jennings today to get started!


With specially trained technicians available 24 hours a day who are constantly receiving new training, you can be sure that Jennings is a reliable and trusted HVAC company offering efficient and affordable air conditioner repairs in Stow, Ohio. We are at the forefront of our industry, offering our customers the very best that is available for repairs. 

While we do our best to complete every task that we are given to perfection, keeping air conditioning systems in good condition requires a partnership between homeowners and HVAC technicians. In other words, we need you to be our eyes and ears at home and to carefully watch your air conditioner for early signs of a malfunction. 

Some of the earliest indications could be a slow rise in your utilities without any other cause, sounds that weren’t there before, and a system that cycles on and off too frequently or not enough. These problems may increase with time, but it is better to act quickly to try to keep these problems from getting worse. 


While you never want to be in a situation where your air conditioner is broken and needs to be fixed right away, it isn’t always possible to control these situations. However, it is possible to control your response to unexpected situations, and we want to be your first call in an AC emergency. We specialize in refrigerant leaks, electrical problems, and AC failures. Please don’t hesitate to call us for 24/7 services if you are worried about your air conditioner or if it has stopped working. 


Your air conditioning system is usually made up of an indoor unit, outdoor unit, and ductwork, and each of these has many different components that are all cooperating to bring you cold air. When one part fails, all of the others become compromised. One of these small and seemingly insignificant components is your filter.  

At Jennings, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your filter clean. Check your filter often and change it as soon as it looks dirty or you cannot see through it when held up to alight. Homeowners with pets may need to change their filters more often, but on average, most people find that changing it every three months is sufficient to keep their AC running well.  


If you need to have your air conditioner replaced, Jennings has a variety of systems to fit in with just about any budget. It will be professionally installed, and if you ever have any issues, you can expect quick and skilled maintenance by the technicians.



  • Technicians are EPA registered and certified
  • Technicians abide by strict EPA refrigerant guidelines
  • Technicians do troubleshooting and diagnosis of air conditioner systems
  • Detection of refrigerant leaks
  • Energy-saving central cooling systems installed and repaired
  • Budget-friendly systems available
  • Pay for work done, not an hourly rate
  • You may be eligible for financing
  • All products used are the latest and most advanced


A well-maintained heating and cooling system:

  • Lasts years longer than a system that is not maintained
  • Reduces operating costs & saves energy
  • Contributes to a much healthier & safer living environment
  • Optimizes comfort

That is why we have created our Rewards Club. To become a member, all you have to do is contact Jennings, and we will get you started. Membership is $16-$26 per month, depending on which plan you choose, and it will provide you with benefits for your HVAC system, water heater, and electrical system. 

As part of our Rewards Club, you will get special discounts on air conditioning repairs, and you won’t have to pay a service fee for business hour repairs. We also reduce our service fee for after-hour repairs to $59.You can also check out our credit accrual program through our Rewards Club. Each year that you continually enroll, we will give you another $100 off your next AC replacement. Best of all, membership gives you access to priority scheduling. Never wait again for another appointment. We guarantee appointments within 24 hours of your call. 



Any homeowner in Stow will tell you—if you need repairs on your air conditioner or you need to have your system replaced completely, Jennings is the best company to call. We are available for emergency service 24 hours a day, and the technicians always come equipped with all of the parts they need to get the job done right the first time.


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