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Besides having a thriving business community and being a hub for excellent education, Springfield, OH is also a wonderful place to live. It has a unique climate that boasts warm but unoppressive summers, snowy winters, and many days of perfect temperatures in between. Despite the good things about the climate, there are grey and stormy days as well as hot ones, so it is a good idea to always have a plan for when your HVAC system breaks down. You never want to be caught on a hot or cold day without a working system. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we offer every type of HVAC repair service including furnace, boiler, and air conditioner repairs. Regardless of what type of system you have, we are equipped with the knowledge needed to fix it.

Furnace Repair Services

As furnace systems became safer and more effective, they grew in popularity over the years. Today, they are the preferred heating source for the majority of Springfield residents. All modern furnaces are extremely efficient, and electric furnaces boast nearly a 100% efficiency rating.

However, furnaces can be susceptible to malfunction and failure, and it takes a licensed and experienced HVAC technician to repair the system and have it running as well as before. We have years of experience in repairing furnace systems as well as thousands of satisfied customers who can back up our claims. Don’t wait until you are shivering in your home. Call Jennings and have your furnace repaired today.

Boiler Repair Services

Boilers are second only to furnaces as America’s favorite heating systems. They provide a comforting warmth that is less drying than forced air and can be more evenly distributed. They are often more affordable to run and can be a healthier option for individuals who are sensitive to the dust that is spread through the ductwork.

However, boiler leaks can cause serious damage in the home and other repairs can be expensive if they aren’t caught in time. At Jennings, we are passionate about finding boiler problems early, educating customers to recognize the signs of impending boiler problems, and fixing them as affordably as possible. Because boilers are by nature quieter to operate, call us if it starts making noise. Watch for a change in hot water pressure, signs of a leak, or an increased heating bill.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

While not having heat can seem like an emergency, having your air conditioner break down in the middle of a heatwave can also be a major problem. We are here to resolve that problem as quickly as possible so that your home can be the comfortable haven that you deserve. Air conditioning repair is needed when your system fails to turn on, is having trouble cooling the whole home, or is blowing out warm air. You should also call if you notice squealing or other strange sounds when the unit is turned on or if you are starting to smell a bad odor. Any of these could be a sign that something is broken in your system or needs to be serviced.

24/7 Emergency Repair with Jennings

Sometimes problems can occur with your HVAC that are threatening your safety or making your home nearly inhabitable. When this happens, you can call our emergency services for affordable 24/7 care. Your safety and comfort are the reason that we are passionate about our industry and we are always happy to hear from our Springfield customers. If you need help with an urgent problem, call 330-784-1286 as soon as you can.

Virtual Visits

As of 2020, we have added an important new service that is providing another layer of customer service. With our Virtual Advisor services, we can help you troubleshoot minor problems, assess whether your HVAC system needs to be repaired, and give you an estimate for any necessary work. If a repair is needed we will then schedule a time for a technician to come and perform the work. This service is free for all of our Springfield customers. If your problem requires immediate assistance, always call our number for emergency repairs rather than reaching out for a virtual appointment.

There is nothing that makes us happier than helping our Springfield customers solve their heating and cooling problems. When your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner refuses to run call Jennings Heating and Cooling for regular business day repairs, emergency repairs, or virtual assessments. We are equipped with years of knowledge and a passion for helping others.


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