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If you have ever had to endure a cold night in Springfield without a furnace or other source of heat, you know how miserable it can be to have a broken furnace. While we do offer emergency repair services at Jennings so that your furnace can be fixed day or night, it is easier and more affordable to do what you can now to prevent breakdowns from occurring in the future. This is exactly what we hope to accomplish with our furnace tune-up services in the Springfield area. Our customers love how simple our tune-ups are and how much this basic service can add to the comfort of the home.

Why Is a Tune-Up Important?

By the time winter begins, spring cleaning is already many months behind you. However, nothing is more beneficial for your system than giving it the same attention you would for other items in your home. Unlike spring cleaning, this deep cleaning should usually be performed in the fall just before you have to turn your furnace on for the season. Cleaning your system removes dirt and other types of buildup from key components of your system so that it can operate more effectively. Grime on the heat exchanger, for example, may prevent the efficient transfer of heat, making your home more difficult to warm and causing heating costs to rise.

Inside your system, the blower motor, flame sensor, gas control valve, and more are all working together to heat the home. When the fan belt becomes frayed, the blower motor has lost some of its lubrication, or the gas valve becomes stuck, the system will either stop working altogether or will become much less efficient. Damaged components in one area of the furnace can also lead to further damage throughout the rest of the system.

One of the best ways to prevent all of these things from occurring is to invest in regular cleaning and inspection of your system. We will take care of both during your routine tune-up, making it easy to get everything done in one convenient appointment.

What Is Included?

Our tune-ups are designed to be the most thorough services in the Springfield area so that our customers can enjoy peace of mind all season. Here are some of the many services that we may perform during your tune-up appointment:

Filter Change: Having a clean filter is important, and while it should be changed much more often than once per year, we always make sure to take care of this service now.

Heat Exchanger Inspection and Cleaning: Having a clean heat exchanger is essential for the proper function of the system. We will also inspect this crucial component for any cracks or other defects which can affect the safety and function of the system.

Electrical Inspection: A bad electrical connection can be dangerous and may cause problems with the furnace. We check electrical connections, wiring, safety switches, thermostat, and more to make sure each is in perfect condition.

Inside and Out Cleaning: We vacuum, scrub, dust, and declutter your system inside and out. This is a detailed cleaning that encompasses everything from your burner to your flue to ensure that they can work properly without obstruction.

Adjustments: There are certain adjustments that we can perform to make your furnace heat better and be more efficient. We adjust the burner, gas pressure, and thermostat, and replace any components that are worn out.

Tune-Ups With Jennings

When you schedule a tune-up with Jennings, we promise to provide the very best services, surpassing your expectations for excellence, speed, and affordability. You are guaranteed to experience several different benefits when you choose Jennings because we have made a commitment to our community to always have on-time service, fair pricing, and experienced technicians.

  • On-Time Service: We promise to arrive on time for every service. We have three-house service windows.
  • Fair Pricing: We never add hidden fees to our invoices and we charge fair prices for all of our services. We never surprise you with service fees that you were not aware of, and we never fix anything and charge you for it unless you have given us permission.
  • Experienced Technicians: Our technicians are NATE-certified which makes them the best in the business. They are also amiable and professional during each service.

We are excited to be able to help you and your furnace with detailed tune-ups in your area. Invest in the future of your system by calling Jennings and scheduling an appointment for your Springfield home today.


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