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When a lightswitch needs some cajoling to turn on the lights, or your light fixtures seem to flicker every time you use the microwave, there may be something much larger and more serious going on. Electrical problems should always be taken seriously for the safety of everyone in the home. It is crucial to always seek the help of a licensed electrician rather than patching up your system by yourself to avoid electrical shock. In addition to HVAC repair, Jennings Heating and Cooling Co. also provides electrical services in the Springfield area. Our longstanding reputation  makes us a good candidate for everything from ceiling fan installations to aluminum wiring replacement. Here are a few more of our services.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Repairs

Your electrical panel is a silent guardian in your home and it is always working behind the scenes to keep you, your house, and your appliances safe from electrical surges. While an occasional tripped breaker means that your panel is working correctly, frequent tripping breakers indicate a problem either with your panel or your electrical load. Upgrading your home’s electrical panel is essential for many modern homes because of the increase of electrical usage in the past two decades. You can look out for other signs that you need an electrical panel repair or replacement such as a warm panel, scorch marks or sparks, or outward signs of damage to the panel.

Home Generator Services

Summer rainstorms and winter snow can bring the moisture that the Springfield area needs, but extreme weather can also bring power outages. Electricity is a power source that we need 24/7, and this is especially true for our customers that rely on medical devices. Whether you depend on your electricity for a life-saving device or you simply want to have the assurance that your refrigerator and HVAC system will still work during a storm, contact Jennings for quality generator installation and repair services.

Electrical Diagnostics and Repair

When something is wrong with your electrical system but you aren’t sure what the problem is, our electricians at Jennings can quickly locate the issue. Our state-of-the-art diagnostics tools and methods allow us to find hidden problems that could be making your home less safe. After an electrical repair with our team, you can be confident that your wiring and other electrical components are all safe and useable. We can repair everything from light fixtures to the switches that power them. We are also here 24/7 to take care of urgent repair needs.

Pool Pumps, Heating, and Lighting

There is nothing more relaxing than having your own pool during the summer or a private hot tub for Springfield’s chilly winter nights. We want to add luxury to your home by offering affordable and flawless swimming pool electrical services. We can install pool pump circuits for a safe and clean swimming environment, and pool heating circuits to keep it at the perfect temperature. Finally, we can install inventive pool lighting and attractive landscape lighting so that you can achieve the ambience you are looking for.

Outlet Installation

As the requirements of today’s electronics expand, your outlets should never lag behind. Improvements are frequently made to the National Electric Code to make homes safer, and outlets are always evolving to meet current electrical needs.

At Jennings we upgrade and install outlets to keep your home up to date. We install USB outlets so that you can plug your phone or other small devices directly into the wall without an adapter, and we have numerous other specialty outlets that can make your life much easier and more convenient. You can also consider adding more outlets if you are always searching for a place to plug in your vacuum. Our electricians can always help you make important decisions about upgrading your home’s electrical system.

Additional Services

There is no part of your electrical system that is beyond the skill and expertise of our electricians. In addition to all of the services mentioned before, we also offer outdoor overhead service installations, whole home rewiring services, high speed internet data cabling, hot tub installation, whole home surge protection, lighting installations and repairs, and maintenance services. There is no problem that is too big or too small for our notice.

At Jennings, we want to offer the same quality in our electrical services as we have been offering for 90 years. That is why, in Springfield and the surrounding areas, our name is synonymous with excellence. Call us today to find out about our electrical services in your area.


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