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Most homeowners know that they should have their air conditioners serviced occasionally to keep them working properly. However, they may not know just how important preventative maintenance is and how vital it is for the health of the system. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are passionate advocates of regular preventative maintenance, and we always encourage our customers to look into the benefits of inspections, tune-ups, and system cleanings.

The Benefits of Our Maintenance Services

It is true that maintenance services cost money, and this may seem like money you don’t have. However, it is far better to pay a little money now than to have to pay much more later for an unexpected breakdown. Maintenance costs at Jennings are predictable and reasonable, and we always find ways to save money for our customers. We would much rather come to your home once or twice per year to check on your system and do minor adjustments than receive a call that the system has failed and a major component is broken.

Maintenance benefits our customers because it prevents emergency repairs and early replacements. You can get more out of your system and avoid major breakdowns simply by scheduling a yearly appointment. Our team is highly trained to recognize potential problems and fix them before they escalate into something more.

You may also be paying much more than you realize in energy bills. It can be difficult to notice your bills creeping up almost imperceptively over the years, but a system that has not been maintained will eventually cost much more to run. A dirty system has to struggle against dust, grime, and a lack of lubrication can lead to friction and a wearing down of internal components.

Our customers at Jennings love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their systems are ready for another hot summer. Let us give you the same satisfaction by providing the best maintenance services for your AC in the Springfield area.

What to Expect From our Maintenance Services

We believe that a sparkling clean system is also one that can function smoothly without breakdowns. That is why a major part of our maintenance services is cleaning your system. We can unclog your condensate line, replace your air filter, remove buildup from the condenser coil, and clean debris from around the outside unit. We also offer ductwork cleaning which can be helpful for individuals struggling with allergies or respiratory problems.

In addition to cleaning services, we make sure to check your whole system for signs of aging, wear and tear, or safety hazards. We make sure electrical connections are safe and secure, check refrigerant levels and charge it if necessary, and lubricate the bearing and other moving parts. If requested, we are also happy to check your ductworks for cooling loss, and we can calibrate or replace your thermostat. Finally, we will check the operation of your system, make sure the airflow is good, and see if the AC is cycling on and off correctly and in accordance with the thermostat.

Our Rewards Club

When you sign up for our Rewards Club, you are investing in the future of your system, saving hundreds of dollars every year on repairs and replacements, and ensuring year-round comfort regardless of the weather. Membership is designed to make your life easier by giving you reminders of when it is time to service your AC. It will also reduce the amount that you have to pay for routine and emergency services.

Each member of our Rewards Club will 20% off of every repair, regardless of what service is needed. Additionally, they will have the peace of mind of knowing that we will always arrive within 24 hours of their call with our priority service. Finally, we waive our service fees for repairs that take place during business hours, and we reduce our service fee for emergency repairs to $59. Rewards club members will also have the benefit of credit accruals for AC, heating, and water heater replacements, a free flush and purge for the condensate drain, annual humidifier maintenance, and whole-house safety inspections. Call us today to find out more about becoming a member.

With Jennings on your side, your AC will never be neglected. We love caring for AC systems in the Springfield area, and we are proud to be able to help our customers save money. It is never too late to call and schedule an appointment with Jennings Heating and Cooling Co. 


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