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Well, we’ve made it to February and that means spring is just 6 weeks away! Though this month is filled with gifts of chocolate, candy hearts and roses, you may want to consider showing your home a little love with a brand new hot water tank. The reason? The Department of Energy (DOE) has passed a mandate to increase hot water tank efficiencies as part of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act, which will go into effect starting this April. According to the DOE, the mandate will apply to residential water heaters, pool heaters and direct heating equipment (such as gas fireplaces). Read more about the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act here.

The Act will require all manufacturers to increase hot water tank efficiency in hopes of conserving energy and saving consumers money over time. Though marginally more efficient, the new mandated water tanks will increase in physical size, require additional help to set in place and will ultimately cost more from the manufacturer. As these requirements will add substantially to water heater replacement prices, you may want to take advantage of our Hot Water Tank Special before the mandate takes effect! We will be running this special until the current model is out of stock, after which the new higher priced models will be required for all residential installations.

We were fortunate to have warmer temps early this winter, but February is beginning with single digits. Take advantage of our February specials today to save money and ensure your home stays comfortable and warm!

-Mike Foraker
President, Jennings Heating & Cooling