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You may not realize how much you rely on hot water every day until you wake up and discover that your water heater no longer works. While a broken water heater is a major problem, our quality repair services at Jennings ensure that it isn’t a bigger problem than it needs to be. With compassionate care, reasonable prices, and a commitment to integrity and excellence in everything we do, a water heater breakdown can seem less like a crisis. 

When is a Water Heater Repair Needed?

If your water heater has suddenly stopped running or you only have cold water in your house, it can be pretty obvious that a repair is needed. However, other water heater problems can be much more subtle and will require a little more observation if they are to be discovered. Here are a few of the main signs that should prompt you to call Jennings for a repair. 

Changing Temperature- If your water is continually wavering between hot and cold even when other factors remain the same, this is an indication of problems inside your water heater. Most likely you have minerals forming a layer of sediment at the bottom of your tank or on other parts of the system. 

Water Leaks- A water leak from your tank or anywhere else on your water heater is considered an emergency repair. Call us for 24/7 services if you notice pools of water around your tank, and always watch for signs of rusting on the pipes that could indicate a leak or a loose connection.

Change in Water Quality- You will probably notice right away if your water turns a rusty color or becomes foul-smelling. Both of these are signs that your water heater needs attention right away. This could be a result of corrosion inside your tank or bacteria growth. The repair could be as easy as a new anode rod, or you may need to have the tank replaced.

Loud Sounds- Some sounds are normal as your water heater works to heat water and distribute it to your home. However, any sounds that are particularly loud or that seem new should always be investigated. Mineral buildup can cause loud sounds in both tank and tankless systems, and if left uninvestigated, can lead to bigger problems.

Low Water Pressure- Several things can affect the pressure of your hot water. Clogged pipes from calcium buildups, leaks in the pipes, and an aging water heater can all be a factor. Call Jennings for an inspection and diagnosis if you notice water pressure that is lower than usual.

Preventing Mineral Build-Up

Many of the problems you can experience with a water heater come from mineral deposits building up over time. To prevent these repairs from even being necessary, make sure to have your system flushed annually to rid the tank of calcium and other debris that collect at the bottom of the tank. It is also important to set the temperature of your water no higher than 140℉ since higher temperatures can leave more minerals. Contact Jennings for more information about maintaining your water heater.

Jennings: Your Reliable Source for Water Heater Repairs

While our business model has changed over the years as the needs of the community have expanded, our commitment to providing the very best care has never wavered. We extend this quality to our customers in Richfield, and we promise to take your water heater repair to the next level.

When we come to your home to address a problem with the water heater, we are careful to inspect the entire system so that we can find any problems that may exist. We then explain this information to you concisely and clearly so that you can make the very best decision for your home. Furthermore, you can always rely on us to arrive right on time and to provide an accurate quote before beginning. If you are a Rewards Club member, you can also look forward to lower prices for repairs, priority service, and other unique benefits.

Jennings has been around since 1931, and we plan on continuing to offer the quality services that our community has come to expect. When your water heater stops working or is showing concerning signs of needing service, we are at your disposal 24/7 for fast repairs. Contact Jennings Heating and Cooling today to set up an appointment, or fill out a form on our website. 


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