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When you require furnace repair in Richfield, Ohio to get your home ready for Northeast Ohio’s harsh winters, the trained technicians at Jennings Heating and Cooling can take care of all your HVAC repair and replacement needs. All of our technicians are specially trained and NATE certified, and receive additional training to stay on top of all the changes in heating and cooling technology.

During the winter, it can get dangerously cold, and waiting for a furnace repair can be more than just an inconvenience as the temperature drops inside the home. We never want to make our customers wait, so whether you have a problem that needs to be taken care of urgently or a small issue that can wait until business hours, we make it a point to prioritize on-time arrivals and timely scheduling. If you are in the area, call on our local technicians for the best furnace repairs. 

Our Repairs

Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about furnace repairs, and this experience has put us at the forefront of the industry. Every single job is important to us, and our precision and dedication to hard work result in quality that you can count on. Because we are confident in the excellence of our repairs, we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We set a high standard for our work and want our customers to feel like they have received the best care available. 

Our repair process often starts with a call from our customers stating that “something isn’t working right.” Furnace breakdowns can often be preceded by tell-tale signs that you can observe from your living room. Your furnace should ideally run silently, but if you begin to notice strange sounds when your heater is running, you should call us right away. These noises can occur when parts begin to wear out or when there is not enough lubrication to keep it running smoothly. A timely repair will prevent these components from becoming damaged further and causing deeper problems. 

If your furnace is refusing to turn on or is blowing out lukewarm air, the problem may be a simple one such as a stuck valve or a dirty sensor. When you call our team, we will quickly diagnose the problem and then give you options for fixing it. The price that we quote before service is always the price that we will charge, guaranteed. Next, we get to work repairing your system so that you can enjoy a warm house again as quickly as possible. 

Virtual Visits

For your convenience, Jennings offers a Virtual Advisor program. Through these online visits, our virtual advisors can diagnose many different problems, provide estimates, and make a plan for repairing the system. This makes it even easier for our team to work within your busy schedule and to provide the necessary services without burdening you with additional trouble and expense. 

Emergency Services

Your furnace is unlikely to politely wait for a convenient time to break down. Instead, it will probably happen after hours when the temperatures are freezing and the weather is nasty outside. However, when you keep our number on hand for emergencies, the repair can happen almost as quickly as the breakdown. Get your furnace fixed fast with our 24/7 emergency services. Our local warehouse is loaded with all of the necessary parts so that we can be promptly in and out.


If your furnace is beyond repair and is no longer functioning properly, let the expert technicians at Jennings take care of your furnace replacement before it is too late and you’re huddled around the oven.  The necessary parts will always be available with radio dispatched trucks that are fully loaded with 1,000 of the most commonly needed parts sent to your home.


Did you know that there are more than 100 components in your furnace and more than 50 things that can go wrong? Some are just a nuisance, some are hazards and some are major repairs. Regular furnace service can eliminate unsafe operating conditions, increase your comfort level and ensure the most benefit from your utility dollar.

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