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When the village of Richfield was founded, it was famous for rich and fruitful soil that produced an abundance for local residents. Today, it is known for beautiful autumns, warm and mild summers, and snowy winters. It is a perfect place to live if you want to experience all of the seasons and you enjoy the unique beauty that comes with each.

While the weather is often beautiful, there are times when it can drive you indoors. When this happens, you want the inside of your home to be the perfect temperature. This can be difficult to achieve without a good HVAC system, and it can also be expensive when your system has to constantly run just to keep up. That is where our services at Jennings Heating and Cooling come in. We are excited to offer preventative maintenance for your furnace that will not only make heating your home more affordable but will also increase your comfort on long, snowy evenings. 

What is Furnace Maintenance?

When you own a vehicle that you love, you know that you must invest some money into its upkeep. This means regular oil changes, occasional replacement of small components that are exhibiting wear and tear, and thorough cleaning inside and out to keep the carpets free from dirt and the paint free from rust. Your furnace is just as important as your vehicle, and it needs the same type of care. The filters should be regularly changed, internal and external components should be cleaned to keep dust and buildup away, and lubrication needs to be added to moving parts to keep them from wearing out.

Our preventative maintenance encompasses all of these important items and more. The goal is to make sure the system is safe by checking for gas leaks or electrical problems. We also want to keep your furnace running smoothly through replacements and adjustments and to ensure healthy air by getting rid of dust and dirt. Most appointments last less than two hours, but the benefits of keeping your system well-maintained can last for years. 

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Depending on how old your system is, it may struggle with efficiency. As your furnace ages, its energy efficiency decreases. If your system is so old that major components such as the blower motor are failing, it is probably best to purchase a new system. However, many other problems with efficiency can be solved by investing in maintenance every year for your furnace. 

When you maintain your furnace, you may notice other benefits in addition to efficiency such as more dependable operation with fewer repairs. Maintenance protects the whole system so that it doesn’t have a lot of downtime from malfunctions. Additionally, if you want to enjoy many years of reliable heat before having to replace your furnace, regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your heater, giving you a couple more years to save up for a new system.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, maintenance is the best way to prevent your warranty from being voided based on system neglect. Your warranty will cover most repairs that your system will need, but many of them also come with the stipulation that annual maintenance needs to be performed.

When Is It Time For Furnace Maintenance?

In general, it is a good idea to make sure your furnace gets some kind of preventative maintenance at least once per year. If it has been this long or longer since your last service, schedule an appointment right away, even if your system is not showing signs of needing service. Preventative maintenance is similar to a check-up with your doctor. It is primarily for healthy systems rather than broken ones, and should not be neglected just because you aren’t having any problems with reliably heating your home. Some issues can hide well and are only found during an inspection of the system.

Additionally, you can also schedule furnace maintenance any time you notice a lack of efficiency or an increase in your energy bills. It can also be a great step to take if you are suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. A dirty system can promote the recirculation of dirty air, causing the air quality to decrease in your home.

At Jennings, we know how important it is to keep Richfield homes warm and cozy during the winter. In addition to installing and repairing these systems, we also provide a wide array of maintenance services. To take advantage of these, call our office today. 


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