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Richfield is known for having pleasant temperatures during much of the year, but the winter can bring cold weather that lasts for weeks on end. When the warmest part of the day barely brings the outdoor thermostat to above freezing, you need to be able to trust your furnace to continue heating the home. You rely on your heating source not only to keep you safe and warm but also to keep your plumbing from freezing.

If you want your furnace to be reliable, you need to make sure to select a system that is the right size for your home and that has great ratings in the industry for efficiency and durability. Without the perfect system and a proper installation, you may run into problems sooner than you would like. At Jennings, we have Comfort Advisors who work with all of our customers to find customized solutions that work for every home. Each of our team members enjoys helping Richfield customers to find the right heating system.

A Furnace For Every Home

With many different types, sizes, and brands of furnaces on the market, it is no wonder that our customers often come to us feeling overwhelmed. We take the process step by step and listen to your concerns along the way. There are several items that you and your Comfort Advisor will look at together before making the final selection. 

Efficiency- This is one of the top priorities of many households when selecting a furnace. The good news is that if your current furnace is more than ten years old, any replacement is likely to be an improvement when it comes to efficiency. Modern gas furnaces are required to have an AFUE rating of at least 80% to even be on the market. Our Platinum Comfort System at Jennings has an AFUE rating of 98.5%, making it one of the best in the industry. 

Ambient Noise- If your furnace is making loud noises, this is usually a sign that it needs to be repaired. However, some systems simply run louder than others. We will talk about how important a quiet operation is for you and whether this is a consideration when selecting a system. 

Zoning Capabilities- Most furnace systems are designed to evenly heat the home. A properly engineered ductwork system should deliver warm air to each room, keeping all of them at a constant temperature that feels comfortable. However, there are certain situations that may call for a more creative solution. If you need different zones in your home for variable temperature control we can help solve the problem with our installation services.

Our aim with each installation is to improve the comfort, air quality, and efficiency of your home all while keeping our prices affordable. While this may seem like a tall order, we have decades of experience that enables us to pass on these benefits to our customers. We are excited to be able to offer our credit accrual program to our valued customers in Richfield. When you invest in continual enrollment in our Rewards Club, you will add $100- $200 in credit accrual to your account every year for a maximum of $2,000 to put towards your next heating system installation. 

Our Installation Process

If you are feeling nervous about the installation process, we are here to put your mind at ease.  Our company has performed thousands of furnace installations, and we have the process down to a science to ensure a quality experience. If you have an old furnace, we will remove it and make the area ready for your brand new system. This can sometimes involve checking or upgrading connections for safe and effective operation. If any alterations are needed, you will know ahead of time. You will always have an estimate beforehand as well as a detailed invoice after the work is completed.

Once the installation is done, we will test your new system to check that everything is working perfectly. Members of our Rewards Club always receive a 2-year extended warranty on repairs, and every one of our Richfield customers gets the very best follow-up care that we can offer, even without a membership.

We are committed to helping Richfield homeowners create a comfortable home that is a perfect retreat from every day worries. With our expert furnace installation services at Jennings, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your home will have adequate heating this winter. Call us today for additional information about our heating installations in Richfield. 


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