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If you have ever had to watch the thermostat in your home slowly creep upwards on the hottest day of the year without the relief of an air conditioner, you have probably gained an appreciation for the amazing invention that these systems are. When installed and repaired well, they regulate temperature and humidity, keeping every room in the home equally comfortable all summer. If your air conditioner stops doing its job properly, it can make everyone in the house miserable. If you own an AC, you can never guarantee that it will work for years without any serious breakdowns, but with proper preventative maintenance, you can come pretty close. 

At Jennings, our maintenance is aimed at giving your system the best chance possible to have a long and productive life with minimal repairs. We offer many different types of preventative maintenance including inspections, yearly tune-ups, specialized cleaning services, and more. Here is some additional information about our AC maintenance in Richfield. 

Tune-Up Services

A tune-up is a service that is best performed every year, usually just before the air conditioner needs to be turned on. The appointment lasts just one to two hours, but the benefits of scheduling this service are extensive. An air conditioner that receives this type of care will pump out much colder air, run with greater efficiency, have fewer problems throughout the years, and will even run for longer when compared to a neglected system. 

Most warranties require regular tune-ups so this is always an important appointment to get on the schedule. During a tune-up, we will make sure that the inside and outside of your system, including all essential components, are clean and lubricated. We change the filters, quickly look for obstructions in the vents, make any adjustments needed, top off the refrigerant, and check the electrical connections, thermostat, and safety features. 

Following the tune-up, you may notice that your air conditioner runs more quietly and efficiently. You will probably see an improvement in how cold the air is, and you may even notice an increase in the amount of air that is coming from your vents. The goal is to make your air conditioner feel brand new at a minimal cost. 

Inspection Services

If you are unsure about the condition of your air conditioning system, it may cause you stress. You may not know how old your system is or when it is likely to break down, forcing you to replace it. You can take the mystery out of any system through an inspection with Jennings. We provide this service for all types of air conditioners. We inspect HVAC systems for new home-buyers, and we also perform this service regularly for our customers to help them stay on top of AC repairs. Our 15 point inspections are a great way to detect problems early, helping you save money.

Ductwork Cleaning Services

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, the thought of ducts full of dust, pollen, and other pathogens can make you feel a little unnerved. However, without the proper training, tools, and methods, cleaning the ductwork can cause the dust to re-enter your home. The third-party duct cleaning service professionals that we work with can make your ductwork sparkling clean through safe and healthy procedures that ensure the dust never enters your home. Ductwork cleaning improves the air quality in your home, and it can also help to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system by giving the cold air a clear pathway to each room. 

Rewards Club

We believe in the benefits of our preventative maintenance so much that we want all of our customers to be able to take advantage of it. Our Rewards Club is the best way that we have found to ensure that our customers are not missing anything when it comes to air conditioner care. With a membership, your AC will receive yearly inspections, and you will be able to save on any repairs that are needed throughout the year. When you sign up continually, you will also get a credit accrual of $100-$200 dollars every year that can be used on an AC replacement. 

When summer approaches, give your air conditioner the gift of maintenance with Jennings Heating and Cooling. Our comprehensive services are a great way to take care of your AC system while also saving money. For more information or to get signed up for our Rewards Club, give us a call today. 


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