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If you live in the Richfield area and have central air, our AC tune-up services could be right for you. Air conditioners can usually run well for 10 years or more after installation, but this is typically only if the AC has been adequately cared for. Just like any other system, your air conditioner will work its best when it is clean and when every part is in good condition and working together as it was designed to.

In Richfield, there are many days when temperatures can reach over 80℉, and your air conditioner will have to work hard to keep the home cool. Wear and tear can occur in just one summer so a quick inspection every year is a good idea. At Jennings, we will send you a reminder annually when your service is due so that you can stay on top of this important appointment.

Tune-Up or Repair?

Some problems with your AC can be resolved with a yearly tune-up, while others will need more specialized care. A tune-up can be great for fixing problems with efficiency, low airflow, or air that isn’t quite cold enough. These can usually be fixed through cleaning and topping off the refrigerant. However, loud sounds, a system that doesn’t turn on, or warm air instead of cold air coming from the vents are usually problems that need to be fixed sooner with a prompt AC repair.

Are Tune-Ups a Good Investment?

While tune-ups are not one of the most urgent services your system will need during its lifetime, they are one of the most important. Without regular tune-ups, your AC will not be the reliable and efficient system that you want it to be during the warm Richfield summers. You may be surprised at how much a simple tune-up can help your system.

If your air conditioner has a habit of breaking down right in the middle of the heat of summer, this may be your AC’s way of reminding you to schedule maintenance for the springtime. When your system has a full inspection and cleaning right before the heat arrives, it is more likely to be able to run smoothly through the entire summer. Dust can collect on your system during the winter months, and some of the components can suffer from disuse. It is best to get this checked out early rather than having to go without an AC later.

Finally, your air conditioner can be one of the most expensive systems to run in your home leading to high energy bills and a lot of frustration. When there is dirt and dust on your AC, it may struggle to cool the home as it should. Tune-ups can help your system run more efficiently so that you can save money on air conditioning. 

Choosing Jennings for Preventative Maintenance

If you live in the Richfield area, it can be helpful to hire someone who knows the climate, is familiar with the area, and can take care of your AC tune-ups and other services. At Jennings, we have been serving homes in the area for decades and this has made us Richfield’s top choice for preventative maintenance services.

We are proud of our ability to provide the right services when needed for each of our customers. Our fully stocked vehicles and local warehouse allow us to exceed expectations for speed. Regardless of the type of system that you have, we have everything we need at our disposal to be able to effectively service your system. To make the process even simpler, we also offer free and discounted services to members of our Rewards Club, so be sure to consider a membership.

Our technicians are some of the friendliest and most experienced people in the industry. During each appointment, we want you to feel like you are a part of the Jennings Heating and Cooling family. When we arrive for a tune-up, feel free to ask us questions about your HVAC system. We are here to help, and we are always happy when we can go above and beyond for our valued customers.

We offer the most thorough tune-up services in the area. With extensive checks for safety and functionality, detailed cleaning, and much more, we will have your system running like new in just a few hours. Call us today to schedule a tune-up for your system or to speak to one of our friendly team members.


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