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As time-consuming as it can be to take care of your home, staying on top of repairs and regular maintenance can make it much more comfortable, economical, and efficient. At Jennings, we can service your home comfort equipment, including your electrical, HVAC, and water heater systems. We can also improve the quality of the air inside your home by cleaning your ductwork, installing air purification and filtration systems, and helping you regulate humidity levels. We have been meeting the home comfort needs of Northeast Ohio residents since 1931 and our reputation for excellence has grown in the Richfield Community. We are your local source for fast repairs, expert installations, and dependable preventative maintenance.

Heating Services

As coal and wood-burning fireplaces have diminished as primary heating sources, boilers and furnaces have taken over the industry. These dependable systems are flexible and can fit any home or budget when recommended and installed by a professional HVAC technician. At Jennings, we help our customers select heating systems that work well with their lifestyles. We can help you determine the most affordable resources in your area so that you can choose the most efficient system.

In addition to furnace and boiler installation in the Richfield area, we also provide reliable repairs. We understand the frustration of waiting for days to have your system repaired, only to pay too much money for substandard services. At Jennings, we always make sure to do a quality job the first time so that you don’t have to call us back to fix mistakes. We also keep our prices fair for repairs and we offer financing, coupons, and maintenance specials to lower the cost.

Water Heater Services

Unless you enjoy cold showers, you likely view your water heater as an essential item. Problems with your water heater can bring disorder to your day, and they can even result in damaging or dangerous situations. If your water heater has a leak it can cause water damage to your home in just a few hours and a gas leak or water from a rusty tank can cause health problems.

At Jennings, we don’t just want you to just live in your home, we want you to thrive. Clean, warm water on demand is part of this healthy lifestyle which is why we take our water heater repair and installation services so seriously at Jennings. We offer these services for storage tank water heaters as well as tankless water heaters so that we can cater to every home in Richfield.

Air Conditioning Services

Your air conditioner keeps you cool during the summer, but it can also be one of the biggest drains on home energy, causing your utility bills to soar during the warmest months. We are committed to making your AC unit more efficient through regular maintenance, and by installing systems that are designed with efficiency in mind. If you are spending too much to cool your home, call Jennings for a consultation to see how we can help lower your costs. 

We are always on hand for emergency AC repairs. If your air conditioner is failing to keep up with the rising temperatures give us a call. Need routine service or repairs? Give us a call for fast services that you can depend on. Members of our Rewards Club receive guaranteed services within 24 hours as well as discounts on repairs. 

Electrical Services

If your lights are flickering when you turn on your air conditioner or you can’t find a good place to plug in all of your devices without using a power strip on every outlet, you could be in need of our electrical services at Jennings. We have years of experience in fixing electrical problems, upgrading wiring, installing new electrical systems and fixtures, and adding convenience to Richfield homes by installing new outlets.

We always advise our customers to act quickly when there are any signs of an electrical problem. Because of the danger of malfunctioning electrical systems, it is always better to spend your resources to have your system inspected than to risk electrical shock or fire. We always offer special discounts through our maintenance plans so that you never hesitate to call us.

We are proud of the decades of services that we have offered to Richfield customers.. We want to continue to give back to our community through HVAC and Electrical services that our customers can trust. Call us today for more information.

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