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Sean Palko

Senior Technician
Hometown: Parma, Ohio – Moved to Akron in 1976
High school: St. Vincent – St. Mary
College: Fortis College
Certifications: Valedictorian of HVAC School
Length of time with Jennings: 8 Years
Favorite aspect of my job: Keeping my customers comfortable
Hobbies: Fishing
Favorite Bible verse: John 3:3
Favorite quote: “love the one you’re with”
Role model in my life & why: My wife, at my weakest, she’s my strongest. Never gives up on me.
Interesting fact about me: 17 grandchildren
Favorite movie: Grumpy Old Men
Best advice for my customers: Trust the new techs I help train.
Your biggest motivation or guiding purpose in life: Taking care of my family