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photo of George Vrabec in front of Jenning's Truck

George Vrabec

Electrical Manager
Hometown: Beloit, Ohio
High school: West Branch, Timken Career Center, Glen-Oak High School
College: Akron University
Certifications: High School diploma, Criminal Justice/ Forensics Science Associates degree, Safe Land Training, Ultimate Tech Academy, Briggs and Stratton Advance Generator Training, Electrical Maintenance, Arc Flash certified, Electrical Safety, 2020 Electrical National Code
Length of time with Jennings: 7 years
Favorite aspect of my job: Providing a safe home, peace of mind, and great relationships with my customers.
Favorite quote: “Don’t let your equipment schedule it’s own maintenance.”
Role model in my life & why: Grandpa and Father. They always do the right thing to get the job done correctly.
Your biggest motivation or guiding purpose in life: Building a legacy for my kids to look up to.