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photo of Andy Argawal in front of Jenning's Truck

Andy Agrawal

HVAC Install Manager
Hometown: Akron
High school: Singapore American School
College: Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
Certifications: HVAC I and II
Length of time with Jennings: Over 17 years
Favorite aspect of my job: I love problem solving. And I enjoy helping people resolve their heating and cooling needs! We have a great company culture!
Hobbies: I enjoy outdoor work and spending time with my family, attending my children’s events and achievements.
Favorite quote: “Chance favors the prepared mind.”- bad guy from Undersiege
Role model in my life & why: My mother was an amazing woman. She truly lived her life with honesty and integrity. She set a great example for all who were around. She also firmly believed in the importance of helping others!
Interesting fact about me: I was adopted. I lived in Singapore for 10 years
Favorite movie: Wizard of Oz
Best advice for my customers: Make sure you schedule maintenance for your new equipment to ensure proper operation and longevity of life of equipment.
Your biggest motivation or guiding purpose in life: My family and their happiness.