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Our team at Jennings is made of licensed electricians who can take care of everything from lighting installations to large-scale electrical rewiring services. We have been taking care of Parma’s electrical needs for many years, and we have gained the trust of our customers through consistent quality and hard work. There is no other company in the area with the same high customer ratings, experience, and place in the community. If you live in the Parma, OH area and your home needs electrical services, turn to Jenning for repairs and installation that you can trust. Here are just a few of many electrical services that we offer in Parma.

Whole House Generator Service and Sales

There are many things which can knock out your power for a few hours including heavy snowfalls, tree branches falling on electrical lines, car accidents, lightning, and heavy wind. Thunderstorms are common in Parma, OH in the summer, and the winter brings snowfall that is greater than the national average, so power outages can be a regular occurrence. Thankfully, there is way to protect your home from these outages and make sure you always have power.

We install Briggs & Stratton generators which can power the whole home instantaneously when the power goes out. Backup power is especially important during cold temperatures to keep your pipes from freezing, and it can prevent food from spoiling, ensure the proper operation of security devices, keep your sump pump working, and much more. Contact us today for complete generator sales. Don’t search in Parma for “generator installation near me,” simply call us and we’ll set you right up. 

Whole House Surge Protectors

In addition to protecting your home from outages, you should also be protecting it from power surges. These can be the result of bad wiring, rain and wind storms, lightning, broken power lines, and more. Whole home surge protection guards every appliance in your home from these external power surges which can cause long-term damage or immediate appliance failure.

Electrical Repair

Electrical repair is often needed when electrical components wear out over time, and they can be necessary due to faulty wiring, damage from pests or water, or a change in the family’s electrical usage. You can contact us today for outlets or switches that have stopped working, a breaker that is constantly tripping, lights that flicker every time an appliance is turned on, or unreliable light fixtures. Call for emergency repair if you hear buzzing sounds, smell a burning smell, or notice sparks near your outlets or electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Services

Many people are unaware that they have an electrical panel which is too old, insufficient, or even dangerous. Brands such as Federal Pacific and Zinsco have even been taken off the market for safety reasons, but many Parma residents still have them in their homes. Having your electrical panel inspected, and consulting a technician can be an important step in protecting your home. Electrical panels often need to be replaced or upgraded when installing a new appliance, purchasing an electric vehicle, or adding on to your home. You can tell your electrical panel is insufficient if you have to reset the breakers frequently, you are using a lot of extension cords or power strips, or if you have a fuse box or one of the previously mentioned discontinued models.

Rewiring Services

Sometimes a repair will not be able to solve all of the problems with your home’s wiring, and you may have to consider rewiring services to get your home safe and up to code. If this is the case, you are in the best hands with Jennings. After we rewire your home, you can be sure of the safety of your electrical system.

Outlet Installation

Older homes sometimes lack outlets, and the outlets that are there can be outdated and inconvenient. We can replace your old outlets with brand new outlets, including specialty outlets such as GFCI or USB, and we can also install brand new outlets in additional locations to give you better access to your electricity.

Electrical Inspections

If you are purchasing a new home or you are simply curious about the condition of your home’s electrical system, one of the first things you should do is have a professional electrician come and inspect your system. We can tell you whether your home is up to code, recommend repairs, and find any dangers that need to be immediately addressed.

We care about the safety of your home, the convenience of your living space, and the comfort of each resident. A reliable electrical system can go a long way towards achieving these goals. Call us today for quality electrical repairs and installations in the Parma, OH area.


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