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If you have turned on your air conditioner to get some relief from the heat outside but your system isn’t blowing out the same crisp, cold air that it used to, it may be time for an AC tune-up. A lack of efficiency is not always a sign of a major problem; it could simply be a sign that there is too must dust built up on your system or it needs a few adjustments to make it work its best again. Jennings provides AC tune-ups that help systems all over Parma return to optimal function. Continue reading for more information about how regular AC tune-ups can benefit your system.

The Benefits of AC Tune-Up

It may not seem like something as small as a tune-up can make much of a difference, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Tune-ups are by far the best and most proven way to keep your system working better for longer. Annual tune-up services affect the longevity of your system, its durability even during the hottest weather, and its effectiveness in cooling the whole home. If you have noticed that your system is having to work harder just to keep the house comfortable, a tune-up should be one of the first things that you try.

Homeowners who have enjoyed efficient operation from their air conditioning units for 15 years or more likely didn’t get to that point by ignoring their AC units. Frequent service is the best way to make sure your AC has a long and healthy life. By implementing this into your annual routine, you will also find that the system breaks down less frequently and contributes to an energy-efficient home each month by reducing energy costs.

Comprehensive Tune-Up Services

At Jennings, we make sure that no part of your system is ignored during our comprehensive tune-up services. Your air conditioner is made up of an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, ductwork, and more. Everything needs to be operating perfectly for it to achieve efficient cooling, and we make sure it is by the time we leave. Our tune-ups take place in the following four stages:


The inspection is one of the most crucial parts of the tune-up. We check your condenser coils, compressor, evaporator coils, thermostat, blower, fan, filter, and ductwork to assess the condition of the system as a whole and the individual parts. If anything shows signs of wear and tear, we make a note of this as we go. We also inspect safety features, refrigerant lines, and electrical connections to make sure that your system is running safely.


Just like anything else in your house, your air conditioner can become dirty over time. Pollutants can become trapped in your vents, ductwork, and on the system itself which makes your AC have to work harder than ever to cool your home. While you can help by making sure your indoor and outdoor units are externally free from debris and dust, you should leave interior cleaning to the professionals. We clean everything from your condenser and evaporator coils to the blower components.

Adjustment and Lubrication

Continual operation of your air conditioning system can cause components to become loose, worn out, or less efficient. As part of our tune-ups, we make necessary adjustments such as tightening electrical components, replacing the belt, and lubricating interior mechanical parts.

Final Checks

There are a few final checks that we do to make sure your system is working perfectly after we leave. We will check the airflow and observe the cycles of the system to check that everything is operating smoothly. We will also check the thermostat to make sure the system is responding correctly. If any worrying problems were found during the tune-up process, we always make sure to discuss these with you before we leave so that you have a good plan for the future care of your system.

Jennings: Your Source for Dependable Maintenance

An AC tune-up is a great way to enjoy cold and refreshing air inside your home all summer long. It is always a good idea to get a tune-up in the spring right before the hot weather arrives in Parma. Make sure to take advantage of additional discounts, free maintenance, and more with our Rewards Club. With 90 years of reliable service, the most experienced and trustworthy technicians in the industry, and a commitment to providing the best services for Parma residents, Jennings is optimum choice for annual air conditioning tune-up.


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