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August has begun, which means fitting as much summer into the next month as possible before kids go back to school and the weather begins to cool. Though this month can sometimes feel like a long goodbye as Ohioans hang on to every drop of sun we can, it also welcomes the beginning of football season, and that’s something to look forward to. No matter who you root for, whether it be a local high school, college ball or your favorite NFL team, August brings the first glimpse of hope for what the upcoming season may hold.

As the temperatures this month swing back and forth between something akin to fall and the high temps of mid summer, new heating and cooling technology can help keep you in the driver’s seat of your heating and cooling needs and help you react quickly to the changing weather in order to manage your comfort and its cost.

New blower motor technology delivers the air flow you actually need rather than being on full speed at all times, which results in a much quieter system as well as real energy savings. These blower motors enhance your comfort by reducing drafts while allowing your air filter and humidifier to operate more efficiently. If you may be interested in upgrading to one of these new blower motors, give us a call so that we can help determine what may be best for your system.

Your home may also benefit by upgrading to an incredibly efficient air conditioner that uses a variable speed compressor. This compressor allows you to customize your family’s comfort by not only allowing you to choose the temperature you desire, but the relative humidity you prefer in your home as well.

Lastly, the ultimate in heating and cooling convenience and control, the web based thermostat. You can have complete control of your home comfort system through an application on your mobile device, which communicates directly with your home’s system no matter where you are. This mobile application also allows you to receive alerts when your system needs service and even let’s you know when your filter needs changed; Now, that’s a smart thermostat!

These new technologies allow you, the homeowner, to be in control of your comfort while achieving substantial savings. To help assess the upgrades that will be of greatest value to your home comfort system, as well as determine the proper application of these new features for your unique needs, contact a Jennings Heating & Cooling Comfort Advisor today! Our Comfort Advisor will perform an analysis to determine what system will provide the best solution for your home.

Hope you are all able to spend time with friends and family this month soaking up the sun and enjoying this last month of summer.

-Mike Foraker