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Spring is approaching, the birds are coming back, and each morning their singing lets us know we made it through the long dark! Don’s running his Air Conditioning Service Special so you can be ready when the weather breaks. Because a home heats and cools differently you will want to adjust your air registers once cooling season arrives. Hot air rises so your home needs more air flow to the upper levels during cooling season to offset the additional heat rising to the 2nd floor. In a 2-story home it is not uncommon for there to be several degrees difference between 1st and 2nd floors, however if the temperature difference is more like 7 or 8 degrees, a balancing should be done to drive more cold air to the 2nd floor. This can be done using the balancing dampers found in most homes (located in the round pipes in the basement), when the metal tab is parallel to the pipe there is greater air flow as you move the tab to perpendicular the air flow is cut down. If your home doesn’t have these dampers than you can try opening and closing the registers by adjusting the small tab on the register. So, increase air flow to the first floor at the beginning of cold weather, and conversely increase air flow to the 2nd floor in warm weather.

March is a great time to begin thinking Air Conditioning! Once spring arrives we begin to get busy so now you can take advantage of our Pre-Season Air Conditioning Specials. Many new air conditioning units have extended warranties and much higher efficiencies than units past. The government mandated that manufacturers improve efficiencies which can save 30% to 40% on operating costs. All units today use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant than the old R-22 Refrigerant units. The new air conditioning units utilize “scroll compressor technology” which is why the units have extended warranties and run more quietly than air conditioners of yesterday. We also have financing available to qualified buyers.

If your patio or deck faces south or west you might want to make that area usable with a Retractable Awning. Awnings can be purchased in different designs and colors as well as sized to keep the sun off when needed. My dermatologist says the sun is not your friend (he must not be a gardener). With the flick of a switch the motor will extend or retract the awning in just seconds. Again now is a great time to get ready, call and our awning specialist Pete will provide options.

This will be our 82nd summer in business!

Thanks, Northeast Ohio! Mike Foraker