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When the mornings start to feel colder and you begin to reach for a light jacket instead of sunscreen when you leave the house, it is time to turn on your furnace again. But how do you know that your furnace is ready to begin the difficult work of heating your home? The best way to be assured of the condition of your heater is to have your system inspected by one of our experienced technicians at Jennings Heating and Cooling. If you live in Kent and you have a furnace, let us take care of it through our preventative maintenance services.

What is Preventative Furnace Maintenance?

If you only see an HVAC technician when your furnace has broken down and is in need of repairs, you may be doing your system a disservice. While we are happy to be able to provide emergency furnace repair services, we are also eager to impress on each of our customers the importance of seeing us more often and in less urgent circumstances.

Preventative maintenance includes all services that are performed to help keep the system in good condition and prevent major breakdowns. This type of service can begin from the day you have your new furnace installed to the day that you have it replaced. After installation, every furnace should be checked at least once per year. Always check your warranty: preventative maintenance is almost always required for the warranty to remain valid.

What are the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is not simply another way to get money into the pockets of greedy HVAC companies. It is an essential service that provides many benefits to the homeowner. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are a locally-owned business, and we care about our customers. We see our preventative maintenance as the best way to make certain that our customers are not wasting money on repairs and replacements that they wouldn’t have needed otherwise.

The main benefit of maintenance is that it saves you money. When your system is in good condition, costly components such as your capacitor, draft inducer motor, and gas valve will be less likely to fail. A breakdown of any of these parts almost always means that the system will have to be replaced. Even if a replacement of your furnace is not necessary, you will still be paying for repairs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Additionally, you will be saving money every month, because a clean and well-lubricated furnace is always going to run more efficiently than one that has to struggle against a build-up of dust and debris.

In addition to extending your furnace’s lifespan and making repairs less frequent, a unit that has been maintained will contribute to the quality of the air in your home. Any dust that ends up in or around your furnace has the chance to recirculate through your home. No one wants dust, allergens, or mold blowing from the vents, which is why we thoroughly clean your system every time you schedule a tune-up.

Our Rewards Club: The Best Way to Maintain Your Furnace

If you have difficulty remembering to schedule your furnace maintenance, or you want to find a way to save on this and other services, we suggest becoming a member of our Jennings Rewards Club. Members pay $16-$26 per month, and in return, they receive discounts on HVAC repairs, credits for new HVAC and water heater systems, priority services, and two free tune-ups every year. These are just a few of the benefits that you receive by becoming a member.

Why Jennings Heating and Cooling?

Jennings Heating and Cooling is a unique HVAC company in Kent. Our business started as a coal company in 1931, but it has since evolved into a company that provides heating, cooling, and electrical services throughout Northern Ohio. We are no strangers to changing with the times which makes us a forerunner in our industry. We are always up to date on the newest technologies and methods, and we pass on the benefits of these new developments to our customers through exceptional services and affordable prices.

We are proud of each member of our team. All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified, and they also demonstrate a high standard of integrity by taking the time to listen to customers and caring for every home they enter.

If you want to be sure, give us a call today. We promise to provide the best furnace tune-ups and maintenance in the Kent area.


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