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Electrical repairs and installations shouldn’t be done by just anyone. It is important when you have an electrical need in your house, to call someone who has years of experience in servicing electrical systems. At Jennings, our electricians are trained in safe and accurate electrical repairs and installations and have years of experience in the field. We are here to serve you so that you can rely on your entire system to provide safe and reliable electricity. Here are just a few of the electrical services that we provide to homes in Kent, OH.

Rewiring Services

If you have aluminum wiring in your home, you are constantly having problems with your electricity, or your electrical system is old or unsafe, you may want to consider rewiring services. 

With Jennings, you can be sure that the end product will work perfectly and give you the security you need. You can talk to us to find out if repairing your system with a partial rewiring or rewiring your entire system is the better choice for your home.

Electrical Panel Services

If your electrical panel is not safe or is not in good condition, nothing in your electrical system will be able to function as it should, and your family and home will be at a greater risk of electrical shock and electrical fire. It is well worth the time and money to make sure your panel is always up to date, well-maintained, and can handle all of your electronic devices.

Your electrical panel will usually last around 40 years before it will need to be replaced. Once it becomes older than this, it may begin to have problems and it won’t be able to protect your home as it should. This is when you can call Jennings for upgrade or replacement services.

Outlet Installation Services

If your home still has the original outlets, there is a good chance that you are due for an upgrade. Outlets can wear out with age, but more importantly, they may no longer be suited to your electrical needs or they may even be unsafe. If your outlets are two-prong, or are cracked, missing covers, or producing yellow sparks when you plug in an appliance, you should call us right away to have your outlets replaced. We can also install outlets wherever you need them for better access to your electricity.

Electrical Inspections

If you are purchasing a new home or you want to make sure your electrical system is still safe and up to code, you can have us come and do an electrical inspection. We will take a look at everything from your electrical panel to your outlets to make sure they meet safety requirements. Our standard is the National Electrical Code, which is updated every 3 years. You should invest in an inspection if you are buying a new home, your electrical system is over 40 years old, you are adding a major appliance such as a hot tub or electric vehicle charger, or if you are planning to add on to your home or make big changes. If there are any hazards in your home, our team will find them and give you our report.

Surge Protection

Power surges are a danger for anything that you have plugged into your wall. If you want to protect your appliances and electronics from these increases in voltage, it is important that you purchase whole-home surge protection and invest in power strips for your more expensive devices. Major power surges that cause an instant failure of your devices are rare, but smaller power surges can be hard on your devices and cause them to have a much shorter lifespan or to work less effectively.

Lighting Services

If you are ready to give your home new life, one of the most affordable ways that you can do this is to rethink your lighting and have Jennings install new solutions in your home. We can help with recessed lighting, lighting controls to improve efficiency, motion sensors, landscape lighting, and more.

Generator Services

When you want to make sure your home still has power even when there is a storm outside, you can come to us for generator installation services. We can find a generator that powers all of the most important appliances and systems in your home so that you can have uninterrupted power even during an emergency.

At Jennings, our Kent electricians are excited to be able to offer quality electrical repairs, installations, and inspections. If you require any of these services, give us a call today.


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