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Since 1805, the city of Kent has been nestled alongside the Cuyahoga River. For many years, residents of the area have enjoyed the changing beauty of the river as its banks shift yearly from green to gold to white. It is one of the most picturesque places to live in Ohio, and it features a tight-knit community, beautiful parks and preserves, a thriving economy, and four distinct seasons. With weather that varies from warm and humid to cold and snowy, homeowners in Kent need the help of an HVAC company that is local and understands the unique challenges that the climate presents.

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we have been serving families in Kent since 1931. This long history has made us more than capable of facing each difficulty as it comes and we have helped thousands of families create homes that are safe and comfortable. We will be with you through the changing seasons with our expert heating and cooling repairs and installations.

Heating Services

Each year, Kent gets an average of 52 inches of snow. In between storms, it can still be very cold, even when the sun peeks through the clouds. Most homeowners can expect to have to run their furnace or boiler for many hours each day just to keep the temperature inside comfortable. It is important to have a system installed that can handle the strain of a Kent winter.

After installation, the next step is to make sure you have a plan in place for repairs and routine maintenance. It is important to have the phone number of a reliable HVAC technician on hand for when your furnace starts to struggle. Kent can experience extremely cold temperatures in December, January, and February, so it is important to move quickly when your system breaks down. In addition to fast repairs, we also offer preventative maintenance which will reduce the need for emergency repairs and make your furnace or boiler more efficient.

Air Conditioning Services

When white and pink blossoms start appearing on branches all over Tree City, it is a good time to start thinking about your air conditioner. You will need the relief of your AC’s cold air when the summer approaches, so you should check that it is working properly before the first hot day. Our AC tune-ups are the perfect way to get this peace of mind, and they are even more affordable when you become a member of our Rewards Club. Each of our members gets two free HVAC inspections every year, and springtime is the ideal time to schedule one for your air conditioner. We also have 24/7 AC repair services, and we can install any make or model of air conditioner.

Water Heater Services

Your water heater is another important part of your home that can make a big difference in your comfort. If you are constantly running out of hot water, or your water heater has suddenly stopped working, many of your daily tasks will become much more difficult. The same company that takes care of your heating and cooling systems can also take care of your water heater.

Electrical Services

Keeping your home safe is one of our passions at Jennings. Our home electrical services are one way that we can ensure your safety and improve the comfort of your home. We are fully licensed for electrical repairs and installations, and every member of our team is an expert on the National Electric Code and is fully trained for every task. When searching for “electricians near me” in Kent, just remember Jennings.

If you want to upgrade your home’s electrical system, we provide rewiring services, electrical panel upgrades and installations, surge protection, lighting upgrades, and more. We also repair everything from electrical outlets to light fixtures, and we install data cabling to enable your home to have high-speed internet. You can call us for emergency repairs, or to have a full electrical inspection for your home or for a property that you are looking to purchase.

Whole Home Generator Services

When there is a storm this Fall and Winter, get peace of mind for your household with our generator installation services. We specialize in the repair, installation, and sale of all types of house generators. Keep your essentials on and functional even during a crises. Don’t search online for “generator installation near me” in Kent, simply reach out to us.

Indoor Air Quality Services

No one wants to breathe polluted air that is continually being recirculated throughout the home. Our indoor air quality services ensure that each breath you take is full of clean, pure air. We can install air filtration systems directly to your HVAC unit, and we specialize in dehumidifiers to protect your home from the humid Ohio air.

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are your premier source for HVAC, water heater, and indoor air quality services. To schedule an appointment in Kent, call 330-784-1286 today.

Services We Provide in Kent, Ohio


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