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Comfort Is About More Than Just Room Temperature

Our main goal at Jennings is to make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place for your family to live. Being comfortable is about more than just room temperature. There are so many other factors at play that effect not only your comfort, but your personal health as well. Air filtration systems are a trusted and efficient way to increase the cleanliness of your home and health of those who live in it.

Air Filtration Systems

Whether or not you are aware, your home is full of dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, carbon monoxide and other gases, as well as bacteria and other viruses. Installing an Aprilaire filtration system from Jennings can positively impact the following:

  • Health
  • Cleanliness
  • Protection
  • Energy savings

It can also trap 98% of pollen and mold spores, prevent dust build up, and maximize the life of your heating and cooling equipment.

Because of all those pollutants floating around, the EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Allergies and constant coughing are typically caused by poor air quality and irritable particles in the air like pollen and dust.

Indoor air pollutants not only affect your health but effect the cleanliness of your home and the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. When there’s dust flying around in the air, collecting in corners and on furniture is all it can do. But when an air filtration system works directly with your heating and cooling system, those particles will be eliminated from the air and out of key components of your HVAC system to prevent buildup.

photo of aprilaire 2410 air purifier


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