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Your home should be your sanctuary away from the craziness of the world around you. But if you’re dealing with issues like stale air, mold, and malfunctioning equipment, your home is likely adding to your stress level.

With a few simple steps, you can increase the comfort of your home and make it the relaxing oasis it should be.

Improve Air Quality

Even if you don’t notice anything off about the air quality in your home, you might benefit from an air purifier. You should check into them if you notice stale or musty smelling air. An air purifier or air filtration system could help household members who suffer from asthma or allergies, and they can also help get rid of that stale or mildewy smell.

Duct cleaning can also help your home’s air quality by removing bacteria, mold, and dust that may be causing persistent coughs, asthma symptoms, and more. Getting rid of all that built-up gunk in your ducts can help your home smell fresher.

Keep Humidity at the Proper Levels

The air in your home might be too moist or too dry, both of which can be problematic.

Adding moisture to the air with a humidifier can prevent overly dry air in the winter when your furnace strips your air of the moisture. Dry air can contribute to nosebleeds, asthma symptoms, and dry eyes. You may get sick more in the winter, too, if you have dry air because viruses travel better in those circumstances.

During warmer temperatures, the air in your house can get too moist, which can lead to mold. A dehumidifier can alleviate that issue.

Maintain Power Through Storms and Other Outages

If you find your power frequently cutting out during storms, you may want a generator to maintain your home temperature, keep your lights on, and protect your refrigerated and frozen foods.

Keep Your HVAC System Working Well

If your HVAC constantly switches on and off or runs loudly, you might need an upgrade. Even if it appears to be working well, you should still schedule routine HVAC preventative maintenance. That may prevent your HVAC from suddenly dying and leaving you in a pinch, suffering in the hot or cold weather.

Open Your Windows At Times

To get fresh, clean air into your home, open your windows on nice days—unless you live in a high pollution area, have asthma, or it’s a day with high pollen counts and you have allergies.

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