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Homeowners in Hudson have unique challenges when it comes to maintaining their air conditioners. These systems are used for several months out of the year, but stop being used as soon as the first cool days of fall arrive. The wear and tear of the summer months combined with the disuse of the winter can sometimes result in a system that refuses to turn on, or one that is running much less efficiently than it was the summer before. Our remedy for breakdowns and inefficiency is preventative maintenance. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we offer maintenance services for families with air conditioners in the Hudson area and we are excited to make these services available to you.

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

There are many reasons to invest in AC maintenance every year. Most manufacturer warranties stipulate regular maintenance as part of the agreement, and warranties can be voided based on a lack of routine care. There is a good reason for this since air conditioners that receive regular service are also proven to last longer and have fewer major repair needs. While it is normal for parts to break down and need to be replaced inside your AC, these problems can be caught much earlier when the whole system is inspected every year. One of our main goals during a maintenance appointment is to check for any small problems that can be fixed before they result in a costly breakdown.

It is also important to invest in preventative maintenance because systems that receive this care run much more efficiently. When every component of your AC from the inside out is clean and well-lubricated, it won’t have to struggle against dirt, dust, and friction to cool your home. Because the air coming from a healthy system is colder and more powerful, it will cool the home faster, giving your AC time to rest before having to turn back on.

Finally, a well-maintained AC is healthier for you and your family. A clean system with a brand new filter will not be recirculating dusty and dirty air but will be pumping clean air into your home. This is especially important if members of your family struggle with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. If it has been many months since your last maintenance appointment, it is a good idea to consider these benefits and then reestablish a maintenance schedule.

What Happens During Maintenance Appointments

Your air conditioner is made up of many different components. Most systems contain an evaporator, compressor, condenser coil, blower, thermostat, electrical connections, and safety controls. They each have their role to play and they all need to be in the best condition to keep the unit running safely and efficiently. During our appointments, we run a series of checks on these components, clean the system inside and out, remove buildup, lubricate mechanical parts, check refrigerant levels, and check safety controls and electrical connections. Once everything seems to be in perfect condition, we run the system to check cooling cycles and make sure it is working properly.

Our Maintenance Plans

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your system gets the right care without costing you a fortune is to take advantage of our Rewards Club and the customized maintenance plans that we offer. Our goal with these plans is to make AC ownership more affordable for Hudson residents. You can choose between two excellent and comprehensive plans that both cover two 15 point maintenance inspections each year.

Our Silver Level Rewards Club is $16 each month. This gives you priority services that are guaranteed within 24 hours, reduced services fees after hours, discounts on repairs, a whole-home safety inspection, and more. If you enroll each year, you will also receive an extended warranty on repairs, a $100 credit each year towards an AC replacement, and a $75 credit each year towards a water heater replacement.

For $26 per month, our Gold Level Rewards Club members receive all of the benefits of the Silver Level, but with a $200 annual credit towards a new system, humidifier maintenance, and a free media filter. For more information about our Rewards Club, you can visit our website or call one of our friendly team members.

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are here to make sure your air conditioner is always ready when you need it. We believe that by providing the very best preventative maintenance services, we can help our customers in Hudson to save more money and enjoy more efficient cooling in their homes. Call today to find out more.


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