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If you’ve ever tried to rewire your house, you probably know that it’s not for the faint of heart. But when is it time to call in an electrician? When can a DIYer handle the work themselves? And what should they be looking out for when they do?

Electrical fires are more than just a problem for the electric company.

Electrical fires are serious business. They happen all the time, and they can be devastating to your home and personal property. But electrical fires are more than just a problem for electric companies. They’re also a problem for homeowners, who may end up suffering from an electrical fire in their homes if they don’t take precautions with their wiring system.

When you have a fire safety plan in place, you know what steps to take when an electrical fire starts up in your home—and so does everyone who lives there with you! If the state of your home’s electrical system concerns you, contact the professionals at Jennings Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect your electrical system for potential issues.

When to rewire.

The most obvious reason that you might need to rewire your whole house is if your home was built before electrical codes were in place. Before 1930, all homes were wired with light bulbs and outlets that were unsafe and not up to code. Some, if not all, of your wiring is likely outdated if your home was built before the 1950s.

When it comes to rewiring a house, there are two main factors: age and volume. Older homes may have fewer outlets than newer ones (and modern receptacles can draw more power), creating dangerous situations for homeowners who use them regularly.

In addition to these factors affecting whether or not a house should be rewired, there are other considerations one needs to make when deciding whether or not their home needs some work done on its electrical systems: Does my home have enough outlets? Are my lights dimming when we turn on too many appliances at once? Are any of my outlets without power when I plug something into them? These questions will help determine if it’s time for an upgrade!

What contractors should know about rewiring houses.

You’ll need to hire an electrician if you’re thinking about rewiring your house. This can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 or more. Also, you should get it inspected and approved by a local inspector before making the final connections.

Hiring a licensed professional electrician with experience in house wiring jobs like yours is essential. Following the electrical code is a vital factor in rewiring your home, something most homeowners will not know how to do.

Get an estimate upfront.

If you want to rewire your home, the first step is getting an estimate. Get several estimates from contractors and hire the most qualified with a reasonable price. Before you start the job, ask them for references and check them out. See how long they’ve been in business and whether they have complaints against them with consumer protection agencies or Better Business Bureaus. You can also ask about their warranty/guarantee policy and payment options.

Don’t trust electrical safety with a “do it yourself” electrician.

When planning to rewire your whole house, you should hire a local Akron, OH, professional electrical company to ensure the work is done correctly. Jenning Heating and Air Conditioning have licensed professionals with experience in electrical work who can evaluate your needs and give you options on how best to proceed. They will also be able to determine where any issues may exist and recommend how they can be fixed.


If you are considering rewiring your house, it’s essential to do it right. Electrical fires are not just a problem for the electric company. They can also be dangerous and expensive for homeowners who don’t know what they’re doing. Ensure that a licensed and insured company completes all your electrical work. Contact us today, and allow us to shock you with our high-quality professionalism.