Traditional and Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are essential to homes to keep showers hot, clothes clean and dishes spotless.

The most common system for heating water in Ohio homes is a standard hot water tank, but our expert staff can do a thorough assessment to determine the best type of water heater to meet the unique demands of your home.

Traditional Hot Water Tanks

Traditional tank water heaters store and preheat water in the tank, storing it for the next shower, batch of laundry or dishwasher cycle. Once all the heated water is used, the tank refills and begins to heat the water again.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a traditional hot water tank:

  • Affordable – Traditional water heaters and their installation are often as much as half the cost of tankless options
  • Easy to install & replace – Traditional water heaters are less complicated to install than tankless options
  • Higher utility bills – The tank will refill and reheat water even when there’s no demand for it
  • Short lifespan – Hot water tanks typically last 10-15 years, while tankless water heaters can last over 20 years

Tankless Water Heaters

Rather than storing hot water inside a tank waiting for it to be used, tankless water heaters use a heat source like gas or electricity to heat water on demand right when you need it. Although tankless options are becoming more popular and have several advantages over traditional water heaters, there are some downsides to consider.

  • Costly and difficult to install – Tankless water heaters have a higher upfront cost and typically require more difficult and time consuming installation
  • Meets your water demands – Rather than waiting for a tank to refill and heat water, tankless options heat water quickly when you need it
  • Energy efficient – Tankless water heaters only start to heat water when you need it rather than keeping a stored supply of hot water
  • Long lifespan – Tankless water heaters can last 20 years or more

Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repair at Jennings

Choosing a new hot water tank or tankless water heater depends largely on the needs of your home and your family. The NATE certified service techs at Jennings understand that each household is unique, which is why we start off the process with a thorough analysis of sizing and installation needs to help you choose the best equipment for your home.

With our high quality installation service, your water heater will perform with maximum energy efficiency and run for years longer while covered by a superior warranty.



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