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The President & Congress have retroactively extended the HVAC 25C tax credit. This includes equipment purchased in 2012 as well as the upcoming 2013 calendar year. We have mailed notifications to our customers that qualify for this tax credit for purchases made during the last year. At Jennings Heating we want our customers to be aware of all the money savings offers that affect their purchases.

Energy Saving Tips From Mike

Well the days are getting longer and after this month we can begin thinking Spring! I have seeds ready and I’m already planning for my garden. Last year we were able to plant in spring and again late summer for two crop rotations, you got to love Ohio! This seems like an old-fashioned winter like we use to know. Fortunately the price of natural gas has remained low, less than half of what it was just 5 or 6 years ago. Electric rates have also remained reasonable, let’s hope it stays that way. Even so, utility costs can take a real bite out of the family budget.

This month’s energy and comfort specials are Humidifiers and Hot Water Tanks. Homes can become “desert dry” this time of year, drying out skin, nasal passages and static electricity can become annoying. An Aprilaire Humidifier will automatically add moisture to the air enhancing comfort and saving energy (humidity can make you feel warmer at a lower temperature). A new higher efficiency hot water tank will save energy and keep you in hot water.

Jennings Heating is beginning our 82nd year and we would like to thank YOU and the Good Lord for making that possible! Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner.

Thanks Again, Mike Foraker